Oxford University Press India wins two awards IDA Awards 2014


Oxford University Press is the world’s largest university press. Oxford Educate, one of OUP’s investments is a digital aid incorporates e-books along with various teaching tools and learning materials. Oxford University is thus, proud to announces that Oxford Educate has won two awards at IDA 2014 in two categories, Product/ Solution in Early Learning category and Digital Content in Education.

MY LEARNING A TRAIN, an activity based pre-school learning was the product that won the award in Product/Solution In Early Learning category. While, in the category of Digital Content in Education category, Oxford Educate won this award for the second consecutive time in a row.

Oxford University Press India

Oxford University Press India

The victory of Oxford Educate in securing these awards acted as a great endorsement to Oxford University Press India that has constantly invested in outstanding products and services. These also acted as a proof to the credibility of Oxford University Press India as an educational publisher.

The awards were presented by Mr. Dominic Savage, Director General, British Educational Suppliers Association to Oxford University Press India.

Mr. Ranjan Kaul, Managing Director of OUP India, was quoted saying (about the occasion)

“OUP India is committed to providing teachers and learners with best-in-class products and services. By winning in both print and digital categories we have once again reaffirmed our status of a world-class provider of education products and services. Mr. Ranjan also said “As a department of the University of Oxford, we shall continue to create world-class resources and make them available as widely as possible in pursuit of the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship and education.”

The IDA awards commemorate and rewards brilliance of the educational products and services among educational and teaching fraternity. At the IDA Awards Ceremony held On 11th September 2014 at the Worlddidac India Exhibition, New Delhi in the presence of over 500 top educationists from across the globe, the winners were announced.

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Indeed, it must’ve been a prestigious moment for the Oxford Educate as well, as OUP India. So, what are your comments on their achievements? Please share your view below in the comment box.

This article is written by : Anuradha Sivaraman

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