Fluke Connect Student Contest Announced


Fluke Corporation, world’s leading company in manufacturing, distribution and service of electronic tools and software has launched a prestigious and innovative program “Fluke Student Connect Contest” for students currently enrolled in two and four years colleges, universities or trade schools who aspire to showcase their innovative ideas and skills on their latest technology “Flute Connect”.

Fluke Connect Student Contest

Fluke Connect Student Contest

So the company was founded in 1948. They have created a unique technology market. They have done many things in the service and manufacturing industries. The contest provides interested participants a once in a life time opportunity to work on their technology “Flute Connect”, improvise using their skills and ideas and demonstrate on how the existing technology can be improved to provide better client communication, ensure reduced power consumption and improved reliability with better maintenance services and increased the monetary savings.

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The outstanding 3 candidates of the winning team along with their advisor will be prized with a paid trip to Fluke Park, Seattle for a 3 days and 2 nights. Also the winning School will receive fluke tools worth 1000$ and Flute connect tools used in the contest worth 2500$.


Fluke connect is the most advanced technological tool developed by Fluke technologies till date. It consists of various number of tools which make it easier to stay in contact with your team without leaving the field. When connected to a smartphone, it lets you to wirelessly monitor temperature, records measurements automatically and assigns it to allocated work data.

It seamlessly integrates the pictures and allows you to monitor the live measurements and changes simultaneously.You can also record a measurement and email it to the team mates instantaneously and discuss on a problem if any. It is a great tool to carry out the work and helps the team to get their job done faster and better.

The rules for participating in the contest are simple. A team must talk and a select an advisor who should be a member of fluke education partnership programme. With the existing fluke wireless tools and technology they should design a project which meets the specified requirements of the company. Five finalist teams will be chosen by the judge panel which will be provided with up to 10 fluke tools to implement their project.

A time frame of 4 weeks would be allotted for each team to complete their project and present a final report including a demonstration video before the deadline. The teams will be judged on the following criteria :Technical skills demonstrated, Innovation and creativity, Business value, Presentation skills .

Impressing judges is not only important but impressing public is also crucial as the winner will be decided on 75% evaluation by judge panel and 25% by the public votes. The applications for the contest are now open and closes by 10th October (11; 59 Pacific Time).The winner will be announced on December 8th.

 The “fluke student connect contest” is a great opportunity and an ideal platform for the students who wish to showcase the talent and skills and evolve as a future professional. Plus, the contest also attracts attractive prizes which are once in a life time offers.

The winner gets a chance to visit fluke park, Seattle for 3 days and 2 nights along with a cash prize money worth thousands of dollars. Interested candidates can visit this link for more details on application procedure and rules. Don’t hesitate to post your comments in the comment section below and let us know about your opinions. Hit a like button if you like this post.

This article is written by : Ayush Somani

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