Motorola Moto G 1st and 2nd gen handsets get Lollipop update


Technology giant, Motorola had initiated the rolling out of the updated Android on Moto G 2nd generation devices in December 2014, though the update was not rolled out on a very big platform, but as of the present you will get the update on both Moto G 1st generation and Moto G 2nd generation.

Motorola Moto G

Motorola Moto G 1st and 2nd gen

You might have been already notified about this if you use the Moto G. The size of the download is 356MB and the OS that has been downloaded will automatically update to Android 5.0.2. It is an OTA update therefore ensure that the net connection you have is good, it should preferably be downloaded over the Wi-Fi.

 Getting a software update and that too of a new operating system is like purchasing a brand new handset. The experience is the same- it means that you get to experience newer things on the same hardware. Android 5 is a bit distinctive with newer layout, colour, and icons. Lollipop also comprises a built-in Screen casting support; it can also communicate with the Chromecast dongle. If you have updated your Moto G devices, tell us what you think about the new update. Lollipop has been updated on the Moto G 1st and 2nd generation devices.

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