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There is an application where you can create your personal wish tune and invite your friends and send it. Sending wishes to your friends and loved ones in a very special way is what we always look for. So this seems something interesting and which will be of useful to send your wishes or greetings via an application called as Personal Wish Tunes. The user can create a good number of personal Wish Tunes using thousands of songs, and artistic subjects. Surprising the loved ones is one of the greatest delight. So let us start exploring this application.

Personal Wish Tunes Android App

Downloading the app

Personal Wish Tunes 01 Personal Wish Tunes 02Personal Wish Tunes 03 Personal Wish Tunes 04

Personal Wish Tunes 05 Personal Wish Tunes 06

Just go to the Google Play Store and search for “Personal Wish Tunes” or click here. The application is having very less download size of 5.49 MB. This light weight app can be of use to you, let us see how. After getting the app click on install. When you hit on install the app will ask you for accepting various access to permissions. These permissions are for you to able to share your greetings to your contacts. Personal Wish Tunes app is available for Android 2.3 and above.

Registering with the App

Personal Wish Tunes 18 Personal Wish Tunes 19

Personal Wish Tunes 20 Personal Wish Tunes 25

It is better to get registered with the App. They are no subscription charges(Its Free!). As there are options of logging through your facebook account or registering by e-mail it is very convenient. So we selected by registering via mail. It asks for your mail id and your desired password. After entering the details it will ask you to confirm and activate the account by clicking on the link which is sent by e-mail from Personal Wish Tunes. It is only done once as you have to create an account later on there will be no need once you have setup your account. Also do update your account details by filling up details like your Name and your Mobile Number. You are set for creating Personal Wish Tunes.

Creating your Personal Wish Tune

Selecting the theme

Personal Wish Tunes 07 Personal Wish Tunes 08

The App has a lot of themes like birthday, New Year, Thank you, Good Luck etc. The user can select a theme as per the need. So for example if you want to send a Thank You greeting to anyone then the user can explore the Thank You theme. We selected the Birthday theme as we wanted to wish one of our friend. After you select a particular theme for your wishes there will open a sub window. So after selecting the Birthday theme the app asked me for who is the wish. So I can select from a lot of options. So it is basically asking who should the wish to be addressed. So there are options like: Dad, Daddy, Mama, Mommy, Brother, Friend, etc.

Selecting the Tune

Personal Wish Tunes 10 Personal Wish Tunes 11

Personal Wish Tunes 12 Personal Wish Tunes 13

There are pre-defined tunes for various occasions. So choose the one which you want to include the tune in the wishes. It is very easy and you can preview to listen before selecting a tune. So it does need a proper internet connection for listening to the tunes. We selected the Birthday for friend tune and it was perfect for the occasion. It will make a very nice impression if you select the right tune for the right occasion.

For Birthday and or Love You themes there are a lot of name tunes available. There are about 600 names available in the app. You can also find Hindi & Tamil Birthday wishes too! So it will be very personal message when the receiver listens to his/her name in the tune. Also the company is working to give a facility to the users that they can record a 30 seconds message aor select a MP3 from their device and add it to the personal wish tune. We will soon see this feature in the next version of this app. So stay tuned on our Twitter Page & get updates about this application.

Personal Wish Tunes 16 Personal Wish Tunes 15

Personal Wish Tunes 14 Personal Wish Tunes 17After selecting the tune you can put your personal message in the wishes. You can also put your name in the greetings message. Well apart from this you can choose an image. There are a lot of images from which you can choose from the list. A greeting card can be selected with ease. You can also change the background color of the message, the font of the message and also the color of the message. This is very customizable. So the user can make it according to his/her needs to make the message more appealing. When you hit on send it will give you five options.

Sending the Wish Tune

Personal Wish Tunes 21 Personal Wish Tunes 22

Personal Wish Tunes 23 Personal Wish Tunes 24

There will be various options the app asks who shall you want to wish. So the options given to the user are Facebook friend, Personal wish tunes friend, Whatapp contact or any other contact. It will give you a message that it is “Preparing wish tune for sending”. We selected a contact from my whatsapp contact list as he had his birthday on that day. As you can see a message is sent to the person and he has to download the application to see your sent personal wish tunes.

Final Verdict

This app is very simple to use and the user can create a personalized greeting card with background tune. For sending personal wishes to your friends or loved ones this app will surely make your work easy. It will always feel special for the person this card is sent to as it is very much customized for the person for the right occasion. So what are you waiting for?

Download the Personal Wish Tunes Android App Now!

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