Microsoft Lumia Denim – Camera centric update for the Lumia Devices


Microsoft seems to be on its toes and is seriously looking to make Lumia a bigger and better brand. Now Microsoft is introducing a new update called as Microsoft Lumia Denim. They are going to start this update. This is a windows 8.1 update 1 upgrade. This update mainly focuses on the Imaging and the Cortana voice commands. Still there is no confirmation of how the update is going to be executed. The carriers are testing this update. So it will depend on their completion how Microsoft is going to roll this update.

Microsoft Lumia Denim

Microsoft Lumia Denim

By the way Verizon is leading the front by already implementing the Lumia Denim on the Lumia 822 and the Lumia 928 smartphones in the December. The wider rollout is what all the Lumia users are looking at. It seems that the American Lumia users will get the first advantage of the rollout.

This update will get enhancement for the new Lumia devices which includes: Microsoft Lumia 830, Lumia 930, 1520 and the Icon. So these smartphone users after the update will get an richer capture. Which will include the high dynamic range, dynamic flash and a dynamic exposure. The faster shooting and better image quality is what this update will bring in to the users of these smartphones after this update.

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Other than the 830, the rest of the phones will be equipped to play the 4k video with ease and the so much hyped hands free Cortana commands. Other than these features the update will bring in the users a better browser and Cortana refinements with the Start screen folders. It will also include the support for the in-car speech. So Lumia users of the above mentioned devices stay alert and update your phone to the Lumia Denim. We will keep you updated on Twitter. Till then stay tuned on Technary and kindly share your comments about the latest update on the Microsoft Lumia Denim.

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