Strontium launches exclusive products introduces the fastest 128GB microSD, the fastest OTG 3.0 and exclusive iDrive 3.0


A dominant memory brand, Strontium Technology, which considers innovation and technology as key elements, plans to take its product portfolio ahead in this year. Strontium Technology is the foremost company to introduce a line of new products in India this year. The products include Strontium On-The-Go (OTG) USB flash drive 3.0, Strontium 128GB NITRO UHS-1 (U1) microSDXC flash card and exclusive Strontium iDrive 3.0 (external storage for iPhone 6 and 6+).

Strontium iDrive 3.0 with lightening connector (for iPads and iPhones)

Apple iDrive USB 3.0
Apple iDrive USB 3.0

Strontium is the foremost company to establish an external storage device for iPads and iPhones.  The people, with the help of the device can store and transfer data between iPad, iPhone and Mac/PC without making use of a cable. The 64GB iDrive can be used to store upto 960 HD minutes, 16000 MP3 songs and 26208 photos.

The songs can be played on iPhone and iPad directly. It can backup and can restore lost contacts, videos, calendar and photos. It can be availed in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and also comes with a Strontium Limited Warranty for two years. You also get free APP for securing your device and also for auto file management.


NitroPlus iDrive

The OTG USB 3.0 can be used to store and move content like videos, music, photos, from Smartphones/tablets to PC/Mac and also the other way around. On one side it has USB connector and on the other side there is a USB 3.0. The device can be availed in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB; it also aids read/write speeds of 120/90 MB/s which helps to lessen the amount of time required for transferring large music files and movies between PC/Mac and OTG drive.

Strontium 128GB NITRO UHS-1 (U1) microSDXC Flash Card

Strontium as introduced the greatest storage capacity in a microSD card and also with the fastest speed of transfer that can be availed in the market. 128GB NITRO UHS-1 microSDXC aids to increase the amount of storage capacity in Smartphones significantly. A read speed of 70 MB/s is offered to you and also a SD Adapter and a USB card reader is given to you to help you transfer files easily between Cameras, Smartphones, PC/Mac and tablets. The card reader is priced at Rs.7, 350.

The NITRO PLUS OTG 3.0 16GB is priced at Rs.849; 32GB is priced at Rs.1, 369 and 64GB at Rs.2, 749.  iDrive 16GB is priced at Rs.5, 145; 32GB at Rs.6, 195 and 64GB at Rs.7, 245.

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