LearnSocial launched by Way2SMS Founder


Mr. Raju Vanapala, a passionate entrepreneur has launched LearnSocial in a vision to change the world of online learning. LearnSocial offers about 11 courses for now, but Mr. Vanapala visualizes adding about extra 1o courses. In this era, of online learning and MOOC governed, this venture focuses on Instructor-led online classes. Courses are taught in a wide spread topic, such as Languages, Business Management, Robotics and many other.

LearnSocial launched

LearnSocial launched

The target audience of this course is college fresher\s, mid-professional and passionate industry experts. LearnSocial aims at providing excellent learning experience despite the geographical location. The professors are hand-picked, passionate experts that are flexible with their teaching technique unlike the traditional ones. It aims at delivering special learning experience to any individual from remote areas with an internet connectivity less than 1 MBPS to access these industry relevant courses.

LearnSocial aims at building an active and large platform to the student community across the globe. It has partnered with over 200 experts in experience fields of industry. The other motives of LearnSocial is to help students of the course to network rather than to just complete a few weeks of courses meticulously. Mr.Vanapala believe that with the help of great platform for networking, learning through a relaxed module, this venture is truly out there to redefine online learning experience throughout the world.

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LearnSocial launched

Indeed, it does seem like a promising. A break from our formal and traditional learning styles, must truly be welcomed. Such opportunities to brush up our soft-skills as well networking skills, is like killing two birds with a stone. We must encourage such passionate ventures that encourage us not to read but to learn. Also, a proper certification is available on completion of the course. Even if one misses a class, recorded lectures are available.

Unlike, MOOC’s courses, these courses are a paid ones. The price of each course varies respectively. But if the advantages is taken into interest, it really is a cool course. Even though, the price factor did shock me, I really was convinced once I found various advantages of this. So, what’s your thoughts on this course? Please, do share your comments with us.

This article is written by : Anuradha Sivaraman

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