IB Cricket VR Gaming Experience


Gaming is fun and stress reducing factor for many individuals. Have you ever tried VR Gaming? Well it gives a 3D perspective artificial environment in the computer games. Virtual reality environments can be created with VR 3D Modelling softwares. Have you ever thought of playing Cricket using VR Gaming? Well I enjoyed the IB Cricket VR Gaming Experience.

IB Cricket VR Gaming Experience

IB Cricket VR Gaming Experience

Playing VR games is going to be common in coming years. Its a different experience altogether, its like you are inside the game and it does give you a 3D feel. When you mount the VR Kit on your head, you enter a different world. What if this is the world of cricket.

Can you imagine, you yourself entering the stadium, ground and playing for your country. Millions of people have this dream of playing for the nation. We are not living in dreams anymore and it is possible with VR Gaming.

Welcome to the VR World of Cricket. Here you not only see or watch cricket using VR, but you actually play it using an electronic bat. This is the magic of the game where in the electronic bat is in total sync with the VR Kit and the computer. So let me share you my recent experience of how the IB Cricket VR Gaming turned out.

IB Cricket VR Gaming Experience

We recently had went to Amanora Mall in Pune to experience the VR cricket game. Before starting, the volunteers give you valuable instructions and demo of how its played. So the setup is really like a cricket pitch. Here you have to stand in front of stumps. There is a huge background like of a stadium. They mount the VR kit and adjust according to the comfortability.

Once the VR Kit is mounted, then the electronic bat is handover to you. You then see the Game Menu. Here you see the dressing room. Here you do the match selection and the amount of overs you would be playing. The selection can be done in an amazing way.

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You can do the selection by hovering your bat to the menu by physically moving forward and clicking it by the bat. Now this is just amazing feeling, you entering the stadium. People cheering for you. There is your name on the screen in the stadium. It does feel realistic. It fees that you are in that moment while playing.

IB Cricket VR Gaming Experience

The electronic bat is half in size, so it does not touch the ground in reality, but in virtual reality it does touches the ground(game’s cricket pitch). So there are no chances of damaging the electronic bat. This bat does vibrate, when you try to touch it to the ground in the game.

When you are ready, you get to know the type of bowler. So you are ready to face that kind of bowler. This whole experience is very much exciting as you feel that a real bowler is coming towards you bowling the ball. First few balls you try to get the line and length of the ball.

As a newbie I had decided to play the first 3 balls in defensive way. So as the ball approached my only aim was to time it well and just let the ball hit the bat and play defensive. When the ball touches the bat, it vibrates and there is a sweet sound of bat touching the ball. This sound is just bliss. Also you can see the bat where the ball touched. By this way you can try to middle the ball everytime.

IB Cricket VR Gaming Experience

Now the real fun starts, once you are acquainted with the basics. You can start playing shots. You can literally watch the fielding and make your shot placements. So before the bwler approaches, I do look at the field. I tried to watch the ball closely and hit with proper timing. When you do it right you can easily score boundaries and sixes.

Though it does need a bit of practice. If you are not timing well, then you can just watch the replay after the ball is bowled. You get to see the complete ball trajectory just by looking back and then following the ball. This is awesome, as you get to know where are you going wrong, or how well you played the shot.

The match was very small of 3 overs and you get to see the target after every ball. So you know how many runs you need to make in the required balls. Talking about the game graphics it did felt top notch. After playing the match, hitting boundaries, I felt really comfortable and confident. People from all age groups can enjoy this game.

IB Cricket VR Gaming Experience

I could have played this game for hours for sure. The main thing is that the game has career progression levels too. So when you start playing well, you level up in the game. The top levels are as good as like playing like a Ranji Player, National Player or even an International Player. So guys not only its fun to play, but you can literally improve your batting skills to the extreme.

VR Technology is now blooming and it is certainly getting in the future in many aspects. Have you tried VR Gaming? Do play IB Cricket and you will feel amazed with this experience.

Have any questions, drop in the comments below. Share your experience too. Till then stay tuned on Technary.

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