Flickr releases new version for Android, iPhone and iPod touch – Features include capture video


A very good news for the Flickr users. New versions for the Android, iPhone and iPod touch has been released. The features are very much exciting and useful for the user. So let us not waste any further time and start exploring these features.

Flickr releases Flickr releases

Flickr releases new app features

Capturing video

Yes this has been the highlight of the new version for the platforms. They seem to have listened and acted upon the feedback of the users. People now a days love videos and now Flickr is providing this feature to capture the videos. The user can Capture and edit HD videos in the app itself. The user can edit using the same live filters for photos directly from the app.

Fast performance – Easy search

They have used an intelligent search engine. The auto-tagging feature has been improved. User can get what he/she is searching for quickly. The geo location is also taken care of. The search has been improved immensely. Take an example. If it would take 3 seconds for a search in the past now it is reduced to 30 milli seconds. Yes this is revolutionary and Technary congratulates to the development team for this feat.

Flickr releases Flickr releases

Simpler navigation

The user experience is given some uplift for sure. They have kept it simple. It includes three features: feed, camera and photostream. The photostream seems to be redesigned. The user can share the photos directly on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Photo Data detailed

The details have been improved. The user can store from where was the photo taken. The camera and lens used if needed. It will help the photography skills and also to remember your sweet memories in the future. Well the app is available for free on Android, iPhone and iPod Touch. Enjoy it and let us know about your experience about the new Flickr app in the comments below.

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