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Lets take a scenario, you got graduated and got a job in a MNC, but it is located in a different city. So you have to lookout for a place to live, naturally you have to adjust with flatmates. But how will you get a flat on rent in a new city for you? Traditional way will be to find for empty flats or roam in the city asking the societies whether they have any accommodation.

Another option can be for approaching a broker. Well the first approach is time consuming and the second approach is expensive. What if there is a solution for your problem and you can get a flat on rent with flatmates as per your convenience without any hassles, time consumption and with no consultation charges as such.

Well people who have already done it know the pain point of searching for a location as per their requirements is a problem. What if someone helps you to find out the desired flat as per your needs and be able to chat with the flatmates? This does sound interesting, isn’t it? There is an android app for the solution of this problem called as FlatChat. So let us start exploring this application.

FlatChat Android App

User Experience

Let us start installing this application. Go to Google Play Store and search for “FlatChat” or click here. The app is very lightweight and needs just 3.6MB of data to be downloaded. So download the app. After installing the application, you can see the icon of the app in your smartphone which has a home symbol.

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Flatchat App Review 09 Flatchat App Review 10Open the app. Now to open the application the user has to “Log in with Facebook”. Yes you will have to login with facebook for using this application. There is no escape from it. Well the app does not post anything on facebook. So without worrying further I clicked on “Edit the info you provide”. In that you can see what info you want to give to flatchat. So the Public Profile is by default checked, your friends list and your e-mail id are optional to share with the application.

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Do the app does ask you for two options. The first one is “Looking for a place” and another is “Looking for Flatmates”. If you are looking for a place then go for first option. If you have an accommodation in your flat for a flatmate then you can choose for “Looking for Flatmates”. Well you can change it any time from the profile.

If you are looking for a place then the app asks for your requirements. It goes from the number of people for which you are looking the space. The preferred localities, budget per person, duration and the date till which you want to shift by. After entering the details a Flyer is created and you can save the Flyer and also can share it your friends and on social networks. It is very helpful medium of telling people about your requirements in a very nice graphical manner.

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Flatchat App Review 27Well the important factor is that the Flatchat Assistant immediately asks for the confirmation of your requirements. You can talk regarding your requirements in detail with the assistant. AS per your requirements the assistant finds out the possible matches according to your requirement and lists down the options for you. You can ask for the contact details and directly call the flat owner and talk about the next process. The best part is that you can chat with the flatmates. If there is a mutual requirement from both the sides, Flatchat makes both the parties able to chat before getting the place. This helps in getting any doubts cleared by the tenant and you get to know the flatmates in advanced before getting accommodated.

Final Verdict

This is a very useful application for people looking for flat on rent and want to be a flatmate or want to have a flatmate. Socializing for a cause is very important and through Flatchat you can get your desired location with ease and hasslefree saving your valuable time.

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