LG Fx0 transparent mobile running Firefox OS announced


We’ve been tired of discussing KitKat versions of mobiles, lets peep into Firefox for a change. Mozilla and KDDI have announced Japan’s firefox based smartphone the Fx0. LG would be the proud owner of this firefox handset. The handset encompasses not only good software to keep it running but also a diligently designed hardware. If you wouldn’t believe us, you can see it yourself!! You wonder how?? Well, the Fx0 is presenting itself in a transparent case. This transparency is a style statement by itself. After all, showing a little skin isn’t a sin!

LG Fx0 transparent mobile

LG Fx0 transparent mobile

Other than this, the Fx0 resembles the LG G3, except that it is smaller than the latter. The Fx0 would have a 4.7 inch display and is presumed to have a pixel resolution of 1280×720, although there is no credible information about it. The LG Fx0 is powered by qualcomm snapdragon 400 quad core MSM8926 processor clocked at 1.2GHz. It also contains 1.5 GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage. When we talk about internal storage we couldn’t be missing on the device’s micro SD support which holds up to 64GB. The rear and front cameras of 8 MP and 2.1 MP respectively are present.

Being the first of its kinds in FireFox handsets, the Fx0 has all the key features we would check out for like 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth. This phone weighing about 150 grams derives its power from a 2370 mAh battery.

Now before you start imagining how this glamorous transparent Fx0 would look in your hands, let me tell you that it is being released only in Japan for an Indian equivalent of Rs.26, 000. It is also opined that Japanese handsets are seldom being released in other countries. But we never know who will get “inspired” by LG’s “transparency”!!! If you already have ideas about this, shoot them to us and we would be glad to talk more about this.

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