Datalicious Will Launch OptimaHub Advanced Marketing Analytics Platform


Datalicious is a global data agency providing client focused solutions. Datalicious helps in widening the focus on the customer to implement best possible methods for media attribution, merchandising, testing and optimization to understand the potential customer. The optimaHub captures data of all customers and analyses the data to optimize the customer experience and predict the next best action and analyses the data to maximize overall marketing ROI.

Datalicious Will Launch OptimaHub

Datalicious Will Launch OptimaHub

OptimaHub SingleView:

It is real time single customer view application wherein data from the website, mobile apps and phone calls of a customer are correlated to produce best possible insights based on the data. You can categorize customer events across channels and get to know the customer interactions between different digital channels and hence derive relationships between these channels. The best part is you can maximize the existing customer value by analyzing the past customer behavior to predict future customer interactions.

  • Web analytics: Browser fingerprint is available for more accurate data and longevity of identified users.
  • App analytics: SuperTag SDK helps in tagging applications and sharing information with third party partner of your choice.
  • Call analytics: using real-time event tracking keep track of all the call events.
  • Social analytics: use multiple customer id’s to correlate events across different digital channels.
  • Error analytics: this will help you find and fix the tags that cause errors.
  • Speed analytics: increases the accuracy and helps in analyzing the impact of page speed for better marketing effectiveness and good customer experience.

OptimaHub MediaAttribution:

It is custom media attribution tool. This tool can be used by the advertisers to obtain accurate marketing ROI across different channels. Attribution modeling includes building models based on the data to track every touch point in customers’ path to conversion. You can even get insights on performance on any online channel using custom tags.

  • Display analytics: analyze display performance to optimize media spend.
  • Affiliate analytics: maximize affiliate relationships by pinpointing affiliates and campaigns that are more valuable to your network.

OptimaHub platform provides an efficient way of identifying and dealing with the potential customers by advanced marketing insights. It is useful in identifying individual users and helps in understanding the experience from a single customer point of view which can help in better functioning of the organization to provide best possible services and bring huge improvements in the services provided.

This not only provides good results based on customer experience but also brings out new ways of increasing the number of potential customers finally enhancing the IT performance and help the organization in reaching new levels in terms of performance, products and service.

This article is written by : Vibha S

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