Ashampoo Firewall to your rescue


So you are using a Windows XP operating System and the firewall keeps on shouting about adding an antivirus. Directly use this Ashampoo Antivirus and it will look amazing. This firewall will completely replace the Windows Firewall of yours. The best part is that it is free of cost. The firewall is free of cost so what are you waiting for, just make a provision of using it right away if you are looking out for the free anti-virus.

Ashampoo Firewall

The main task of using this Ashampoo Firewall is to protect your system from the dangerous viruses. IT keeps your system safe. The best part in this firewall is that it also resists all the web based attacks. So you can browse your internet safely and without thinking of any problems or viruses. So enjoy the computer virus-free.

You can enjoy a rich browsing experience and also get protected. It has many bonus tools with it. So you have to keep in mind that this software is one of the most essential free computer firewall. The basic part is that it keeps you safe during internet browsing.

Ashampoo Firewall Dialog Box

A small problem while using this firewall is that it will surely make you in distress many times as it keeps hammering with pop-ups. So you will have to bare with the pop-ups and have to make sure that these things can happen.

So it is a very good bug resistant software and also makes sure that there are not many other flags than the bombarding of pop-ups. There are modes in the firewall. These modes will make the user a very good experience. You cannot sure to have your system to be 100% secure. But we do think with Ashampoo Firewall your system will be atleast 80% secure from any kind of vulnerabilities.

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