6 Best IBM Developer Courses in 2020


The year 2020 is ending and it is a perfect time to end it on a positive note. Due to the pandemic travel has slowed down and many developers have postponed their holiday plans. This is the right time for the developers to upgrade their knowledge and skill sets. What if we suggest you the latest free courses from IBM which will not only enhance your skills but also earn you digital badges after completion of the courses.

6 Best IBM Developer Courses in 2020

Why should a developer join the courses?

✅ These courses are absolutely FREE to join. It will just take your valuable time to be invested to gain a lot for using the knowledge in the upcoming year.

✅ This is the right TIME to join these courses as in the year end, you do not have any project deadlines to catch for. You can start these courses at your home or desk self paced.

✅ You will be able to enhance your skill sets in the field of Cloud, Python, Data Science, Making your own Chatbot, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Containers and Deep Learning.

✅ To earn Digital Badges after successful completion of the courses.

Latest IBM Developer courses

Introduction to Cloud

Cloud is the present and the future too in the upcoming years. If you want to know about the concepts of cloud computing then you must opt for this course. You will be able to grasp knowledge which is required for understanding cloud computing. There are emerging trends, history of cloud computing and also important business case for cloud computing.

Introduction to service models like SaaS, PaaS & IaaS. You will also learn about the deployment models of Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. Introduction to components of Cloud architecture will be interesting too.

Python for Data Science

If you want to start programming in Python and get into the data science world using Python then this course is for you. Python is an amazing language and you can gain valuable knowledge in this beginner friendly course. You will be able to write Python scripts and also will be able to do hands-on data analysis.

Data Science Foundations

If you want to learn Data Science then this course is for you. You will learn a lot from this course from a practitioner point of you. You will able to learn from topics like preparation, data compilation and modeling with life-cycle of data science. There are 3 sub courses in this learning path which includes Introduction to Data Science, Data Science Tools and Data Science Methodology.

Build Your Own Chatbot

This is one of the most fascinating courses if you want to build a chatbot. I will personally certainly complete this course and build a chatbot too. You will be able to plan, build and deploy your first chatbot. Using the cognitive computing power of Watson Assistant the developer can design their chatbot without any code. You can also quickly deploy your chatbot in your WordPress based sites. You can create virtual assistants.

Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift

Cloud Native and Containers are a must have skills and in demand too recently. You will be able to build applications in the Cloud Native way and deploy too. You will understand the importance of containers in cloud computing and also in the related technologies like Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker and Istio. Must recommended course for cloud practitioners.

Deep Learning

This learning path comprises of 2 courses which includes:

Deep Learning Fundamentals

Deep Learning with TensorFlow

In the fundamentals course you will learn basic concepts of Deep Learning. You will learn different types of Deep Architectures like Recurrent Networks, Convolutional Networks and Autoencoders.

These are amazing courses which will enhance your skill sets and also provide you digital badges upon completion of the courses. You can brag about the digital badge on your LinkedIn profile too. This is a good way of utilizing your holiday time at home in these self paced courses. Get ready for the next year equipped with amazing knowledge. Best part is that its FREE to join in.

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