How to create a Smart Juicer using IoT


Internet Of Things(IoT) is a wonderful technology which has made our lives simpler. The applications of this technology are numerous. As a developer you are looking forward to create some innovative and useful applications using IoT. It does work in helping you to create the gadget smart.

Smart Juicer

By using IoT there are endless possibilities for the developer to create various applications smart. A Juicer is a useful device for any individual who is ready for a healthy drink. What if you can create a smart juicer which can be controlled via voice commands. This is certainly possible via IoT and this is a unique and necessary application for sure.

There will be multiple services which include send commands, receive responses from a conversation using Watson services, Slack and IFTT. We will use Text to Speech, Speech to Text and Watson IoT platform services to use the audio and translate it to particular commands and send to registered device. We will use a NodeMCU v2 device (ESP8266 WiFi-based microcomputer) with MQTT communication.

Flow of the Implementation of this Project

How to create a Smart Juicer using IoT

  1. The Node-RED app records audio requests from the microphone.
  2. Watson Speech to Text service converts the speech to text.
  3. The Watson IoT Platform receives the text and assigns it to the Smart Juicer.
  4. This Watson IoT Platform passes the request to IFTTT to trigger an event to display the task performed message on Slack.
  5. The Watson IoT Platform service node sends the response to the Text to Speech service.
  6. Again Watson IoT Platform sends the callback responses to the Text to Speech service.
  7. The Watson Text to Speech service converts the text to speech, and sends it to the audio player which reads aloud the response. Watson IoT Platform also sends the command to the juicer, by way of the NodeMCU device using MQTT.

You can create the IBM Cloud App using Node RED starter application.

Then you can add the Watson Speech to Text service to the IBM Catalog.

Internet of Things Platform

This platform can be created from Watson IoT platform. With the help of it you can easily perform activities like taking audio, deliver it back by sending commands and getting topics from the hardware device (Juicer). The MQTT will help to build communication between the NODE RED starter, IoT Platform and the Juicer.

How to create a Smart Juicer using IoT

How to create a Smart Juicer using IoT

Once you create the Service, you can now hit the Launch button. You can generate API key and token in IBM Watson IoT Platform.

How to create a Smart Juicer using IoT

How to create a Smart Juicer using IoT

Go to IFTT and create your account. Create Triggers.

How to create a Smart Juicer using IoT

You can start configuring them. In the Action settings you can put your slack channel and create events. The events will be:



Similar to the Step 3, you have to make sure that you have connected the hardware to the NODE RED starter. Add the Text to Speech to the IBM Catalog. The main task is that the you need to go again to the NODE Red Starter, and make sure that the Microphone, audio are all working correctly.

You can insert that small NODEMCU inside the Juicer. The developers can take use of the hardware guys for installing the chip into the juicer.


So by using IoT and above process you can make a juicer to smart juicer. A smart juicer is 20% faster than the normal juicer as it is more easier to give commands and the experience is relaxing. Use the juicer to get that juice after your fitness exercises. We hope as a developer you have learnt the process of implementing IoT in creating a smart juicer. Let us know if you were able to successfully implement this tutorial.

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