6 Best Free Andoid Live Wallpaper Apps


A wallpaper also known as background display. It is a digital image (drawing or photo) used as a decorative background of a GUI(graphical user interface) on the screen of mobile or tablets or other electronic devices. Wallpapers are usually comes as a default in the mobile which we can change it .This wallpapers  generally appear on the home screen or idle screen.

Best Free Andoid Live Wallpaper Apps

Live wallpapers are very unique and specifically used in android mobiles. The concept of live wallpapers was first introduced in the v2.1 (froyo) version of android.All the mobiles which have android version 2.1 and 2.1+ support the live wallpapers.There are filters in the Android Market for the suitable live wallpaper to the suitable android mobile phones. Live wallpaper sdk contains sample code that displays an animated dodecahedron and it also allows the programmer to create an android service which is capable of supporting animation, interactivity and scrolling.

 Below are some of the best live wallpapers which we can get it from android play store market. Each of the live paper has a unique characteristic which we can incorporate it into our android mobile phone.

Waterfall Live Wallpaper

 Best Free Andoid Live Wallpaper Apps
The above mentioned Live wallpaper is the best wallpaper for the android mobile who loves  waterfalls and nature. We human beings feel delighted when we visit these kind of scenic beauties, so imagine the feeling  when we can bring this astonishing scenic beauty into our hands i.e as a Live wallpaper to our mobile. These HD wallpapers has been specially handpicked and created. These wallpapers include Niagara fall, Angel falls or Victoria falls. We never feel bored when we see a attractive waterfall . Its very easy to use and is compatible for 99 % of the mobiles. It has optimized battery usage and also supports sleep mode. It is completely free wallpaper which we get it from play store.

My Photo Aquarium Live Wallpaper

 Best Free Andoid Live Wallpaper Apps
This wallpaper has an option where we can set the customized photos as our wallpaper. We have liberty to choose our favorite photos to fill into the photo frame.These photos are set into photo frame and these photos are in between the fishes as a set in the aquarium. These fishes can animate with our touch and we can control fishes speed,size,quantity, directions and we can also control water bubbles present in the frame.This wallpaper has a realistic experience such as the fishes changes the direction with one touch.
There are different varieties and colorful fishes available.This application is completely free and consumes low battery.The process to apply this wallpaper is select the wallpaper option in the home screen and select live wallpaper and My Photo Aquarium Wallpaper. This wallpaper application has been tested on so many mobiles which has android as its operating system.

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Rain Live Wallpaper

Best Free Andoid Live Wallpaper Apps

This wallpaper makes you feel a glimpse of the rain droplets falling on the over your screen. During the rain we might have experienced the steamy window where we draw all sorts of signs or names etc, this app makes you do the same thing on the screen of your mobile.This app consists of a set of 20HD wallpaper which has animated rain drops on window and lots of other setting s available. This app also supports the horizontal orientation. This app looks astonishing on both mobile phone as well as the tablets.This live wallpaper is so resourceful as it enters sleep mode whenever the mobile phone is inactive which will save the useless battery drain.It has real smooth 3d animations which is based on OpenGL Es 2.0 and  this live wallpaper app is compatible with 99% mobile phone devices. This app has been tested on various mobile phones and has got a great results.

My Photo Live Wallpaper

 Best Free Andoid Live Wallpaper Apps
With this Live Wallpaper app we can use our photos as mobile background and set the normal photo to a photo with amazing rain effects.This app brings colors to the mobile phone device and makes the device more attractive.We can either choose rain falling effect or water falling effect as background for our photo .
The biggest advantage in this app is that we can choose the number of falling drops on the screen and also the type of falling drops. This app has a option where we can Enable/Disable the rain sound and also On/Off rain,falling drops,static drops. This app was also tested on various mobile phones like  Samsung Galaxy S/S3/S5, Sony Xperia Z1/Z2, Motorola Moto E/G and LG G3. This free wallpaper will be the best rain wallpaper and My photo live wallpaper 2014.

Aquarium live wallpaper

 Best Free Andoid Live Wallpaper Apps
This live wallpaper has an aquarium as a background for our customized photos. This wallpaper has animated fishes including air bubbles. The quality of the wallpaper animation is very high and is very attractive.This apps has a unique feature where it creates a very realistic fishes floating on a background of sea coral. The test result of this app has also been satisfactory.

Premium Wallpapers HD

 Best Free Andoid Live Wallpaper Apps
This wallpaper app is the collection of all time best full HD wallpapers and backgrounds for the smart phone or the tablets.This app consists of special handpicked wallpapers and these are the best collection of wallpapers for the android mobile devices. These are selected so we can personalize our smartphone. Using this app is not that difficult as the user interface for the wallpaper app is simple and modern which helps us to easily navigate the app between the desired categories. We can also pick one of the wallpaper as our favorite so that it can reach top of the favorite wallpapers listing.
This wallpaper app consists of about  10,000 HD wallpapers sorted into 25+ categories.This app has a unique feature where everyday a new wallpaper and images are added.This app consists of only HD quality wallpapers and we can also save these wallpapers to our sd card.This has a stylish interface and ability to automatically change the wallpaper.

There are many such kinds of apps in android playstore market for Live wallpapers. We can choose from them and the process of installing setting the application as a background wallpaper is easy and is also given. This Live wallpapers helps in the improvement of the look of the mobile phones .

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