Kingston M2 SATA SSD 120GB Review


We have another SSD from Kingston. Well as you know that SSD help in getting good file copying speeds of upto 550Mb/ps. The kingston devices have a quality and we want to check all the aspects of this SSD. We had educated our audience about the SSD in our previous review. You can check the definition which we mentioned for SSD.

The M2 is also known as NGFF(Next Generation Form Factor). All these devices uses the PCIE mini card layout. The induction of the form is also available in the intel 1150 platform in the Z97 Chipset.

Kingston M2 SATA SSD 120GB Review

Kingston M2 SATA SSD Features


Kingston M2 SATA SSD 120GB Review

The size of the device is 22mm in width and 80mm in length. The thickness of the device is 3.5mm. The weight of M2 is very light weight and it is just 7.36gm. The top side of the M2 is a sticker from Kingston which includes all the information of the SSD like the model, serial number, voltage,etc. You can also see the Phison PS3108-S8 SATA-to Flash micro-controller.

 Kingston M2 SATA SSD 120GB Review


The Kingston M2 SATA SSD expected performance of read speeds is 550MB/s and Write speed is 520MB/s. The main factors are that the IOMETER maximum random 4k read is upto 66,000 or upto 65,000 IOPS. The PCMARK Vantage HDD Suite Score recorded is 56,000.

Kingston M2 SATA SSD 120GB Review

The PCMARK 8 storage bandwidth is 215 MB/s. This SSD is made ideally for ultrabooks. The slim nature of the SSD makes it easily fit into the slim laptops. The vibration while operating is 2.17G at peak and while non operating is 20G Peak. The life expectancy of this SSd is for sure 1 million hours of MTBF. We got a chance to review the 120GB M2 SSD from Kingston.

Kingston M2 SATA SSD 120GB Review


The company is offering a warranty of 3 years on the SSD.

Kingston M2 SATA SSD 120GB Review


A must buy device for getting good transfer speeds. The price is one of the major part which the buyers will love as the amount of gigabytes offered in this price is superb.

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