10 Best Education Apps for Android


The following article is based on various apps for education and focuses on vivid areas on the education. It features various tricks skills that an individual can learn in various areas.

10 Best Education Apps for Android are:

1. GK 2014-15 & Current Affairs

Best Education Apps for Android

This application gives the user the chance to improve his skills in general knowledge which can be helpful in many ways. This app has latest gk, sports, current affairs, politics, technology, science, etc. This app features 1000+ questions and answers for that which also works offline where we need to download the application. Each and every topic is fully discussed and answers can be given by clicking the answer button. Scores are given after clicking result button .This application has questions on international GK,science, environment, Indian GK,awards, Corporate affairs, Appointments, sports. This application is helpful for those who are about to write the following exams such as  Bank PO exam, IBPS, Bank Clerk, UPSC IAS, IPS, IFS, GPSC exam, SSC Combined Graduate Level Examinations, NDA, CDS, Railway Exams, post Office Exams, PCS exam, U.P. Public Service Commission exam, CAT, GCET, JEE, MPSC, RBI(Reserve Bank of India).

2. English Conversation Practice

Best Education Apps for Android

This application is helpful for those individuals who wants to improve their English conversational and listening skills.This has 2000 English conversations categorized in 2 levels which comprises of Basic and Advanced English conversation through which on can improve their English conversation skills. There are two modes out of which first is OFFLINE mode where audio files are downloaded and these files can be use inf future where as the other mode is ONLINE mode in which the audio files will be streaming and there is no need to download audio files. Easy to book mark the lessons and search those by name .

3. Best Software Development

Best Education Apps for Android

This application is the best way to develop some software skills for those who want to develop their software or coding skills. This app provides various methods or skills for coding and improve their skills. As said by Tim Cargill a solution is observed and by this the time can saved and stress can be relieved.

4. Best of Astronomy

Best Education Apps for Android

This application is best for creating research papers for school and college within a little time.This app works just by entering the area of research and application will display latest news ,videos ,scholarly ,wiki data and related books on astronomy.We can create our own version for creating research papers.This application features latest news on the topic which the user is interested and best scientific information from the experts from the particular field.This also has scholarly report from the experts with best videos on the topic for creating some fun with related books on the particular topic.After creating the research paper we can even share the topic with friends.

5. Best Quiz math year 2

Best Education Apps for Android

This application is mainly used for the individuals who are interested in mathematics and has various quiz for student in year 2.This application has questions from addition,counting,division,Estimation, Geometry, Measurement, Numbers Subtraction, Time varying problems.With more than 150 questions from different areas mentioned above in mathematics .Each quiz has 20 questions from which answers has to be chosen for which scores are given at the end of the test or quiz.Quiz will be the same for all year level without any change in the level.

6. CBSE Class 8, 9, 10, 11 Course

Best Education Apps for Android

This application is mainly for the CBSE students for their proper guidance in the course .It has all the important points for CBSE classes  8th ,9th 10th and 11th.This application contains highly researched courses with built in learning content,ambitions,study notes,NCERT solutions,question and answers,animations etc to help the individual with their school curriculum.The course is mainly based on NCERT books and from CBSE class 8,9,10 books.This app also contains various practice questions and important questions that are likely to come in the exams.The course is explained in detail and detailed solutions are given for every question.

7. Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game

Best Education Apps for Android

This application is a very unique application in which the individual can learn mathematics in a very unique way by challenging his friend or opponent in fun game.This application is mainly for those who are very much interested in mathematics and want to challenge others for fun.This application provides split screen interface for both the players to play and has some basic workouts for kids of age 7 and above.This helps in the improvement of maths skills,concentration and reflexes.This has simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division questions which can be easily answered.

8. Coursmos

 Best Education Apps for Android
With Coursmos you can create micro-courses. Just shoot a video lesson with your phone or upload an existing video. Then add a title and description to your micro-course. Share courses you’ve created or courses that you’re taking via e-mail or social networks.

9. eduDroid

Best Education Apps for Android

This application helps the children to increase their skills in education in various aspects.This application includes  bingo, picture creator, triangular maths, handwriting, stop motion, word searches. It also includes phonics, spelling, reading, eBooks, multiplication, number bonds, sound recording, quizzes, flash cards, hundreds tens and units, app lock, precision teaching, money counting, time and more. This application has no advertisements which prevent children from opening other sites when online. Parents has a separate module for helping their children to excel in their skills.This content in the app is targeted at children in KS1 and KS2. Children with SEND can be sent using in secondary schools.

10. India GK Quiz

Best Education Apps for Android

This is the place where an individual can excel their skills in General Knowledge and current affairs going on in India.This helps the individual to follow the current affairs able to answer them in the quiz.This application has more and more questions which updates weekly which keeps us up to date on the current affairs in India.So there will be unique  questions every week without repetition.By this one can be able to prepare for many examination which asks question mainly based on General Knowledge and the current affairs and can excel their skills for the future use.
We hope that you will find these apps useful. If you like any other app which you think might fit into this list, kindly add in the comments below. Also let us know your valuable comments about these applications.
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