Godrej SEETHRU 7 video door phone launched for Rs.18,999


The Godrej group is managed and largely owned by godrej family headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was founded by Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Godrej in 1897. The Godrej group operates in sectors such as real estates ,consumer products, industrial engineering, appliances, furniture, security and agricultural products. Godrej was ranked 16th most trusted brand in India by the Brand Trust Report 2014, a study conducted by Trust Research Advisory.

Godrej SEETHRU 7 video door phone

Godrej SEETHRU 7 Video Door Phone

Godrej security solutions (GSS) which is one of the leading providers of security solutions for suitable products in India has announced the release of its new video door phone (VDP) SEETHRU 7. This products needs a landline connection in order to use the product.This innovation utilizes the landline to call the mobile phone which was saved in it in case of anyone not being at home. This 7” screen VDP has a TV out option, can support multiple outdoor units, indoor monitors, CCTV cameras and contains a removable SD card for recording images/video.

GSS is a well known for using consumer market insights into its new innovations and trying to develop it on the idea of the problems they face.In the development of SEETHRU 7 whatever the consumer market insights were, the product has been identified of full filling the consumer targets.This product was manufactured for the only reason and the  problem which the people are facing these days that is when no one is there in the home and to protect the elderly ,children from strangers visiting their home. There were many advantages identified such as ability to answer the VDP without getting to the door to the indoor unit and also the ability to restore the stored images etc. This SEETHRU gives the owner of the house the upper hand whenever he is away from the home.

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The user when swtiched ON ‘follow me’ mode, it will prompt the VDP to dial in a pre-fed telephone number whenever it is buzzed. The conventional VDP’s generally just capture a photograph and store them for reference purpose. SEETHRU comes with the ability of supporting  3 indoor monitors by the device which extends the monitoring capabilities into kitchen, bedroom, study whatever the room maybe. It also comes with an option to view the live feed on the television which prevents us from walking to the door and opening the door. This is valuable in the case where a person owns villa and wants to monitor the critical areas of the residence by supporting a maximum of 4 CCTV camera and it comes with an additional intercom/call forwarding facilities amongst these units .

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This product has a place available for the insertion of sd card where we can store the images taken by the VDP. Additional security features include capturing of the image whenever the VDP is activated and this images are stored and retrieved  in the sd card provided .Whenever there is a motion in front of the camera the CCTVs installed would record a small clip because of the integrated software installed which is based on the motion detection system. SEETHRU 7 comes with a stylish touch panel which serves a dual function by addressing the security need of the user also giving the house a great appeal to its contemporary design.This product is available at all leading electronic retail stores and e-commerce websites for a price of Rs. 18999/-

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