Victron Energy Launches Battery Balancer


A leading Dutch power solutions provider, Victron Energy has announced its new in line, “ Battery Balancer” product into the market. The battery balancer comes in handy when multiple batteries are put-in use. Not all batteries are made equal and when put together in a bank, simple fluctuations among batteries can cause minor problems that might eventually lead to shorten the battery’s life time. In worst cases, worst situations like the battery bank could crash or fail permanently might happen which are both costly in money and time.

Victron Energy

Victron Energy Battery launcher

In such situation, Battery Balancer could be put to use that efficiently prevents such worse situations by correcting the imbalance actively. The Battery Balancer is equipped with an alarm function which is to give warning in case of a large deviation. Victron energy’s experience and expertise in handling both convention and lithium batteries have made the efficiency and simplicity of Battery Balancer a dream come true.

Batteries used in the banks can be of both series strings and series/parallel banks of 24V, 48V or sometimes even higher voltages. In each battery you can end up with a variance in terminal voltages when using a series string or series parallel bank to create different voltages and Ah ratings from individual 12 Volt batteries. The ever increasing demands on battery often makes the situation worst. An expensive string or bank failure is the consequence of such problem.

Victron Energy

Victron Battery Balancer by correcting and preventing battery imbalance is the perfect solution for extending the lifetime of batteries. The Victron Energy BMV-701 battery monitor is a perfect addition that was released earlier this year as knowing the state of battery too is essential and this product can help in that quest.

The product not just gives out state of charge and voltage readouts, it also provides unique mid-point voltage-monitoring. Thus, providing us with a detailed insight about the balance of the battery bank and also making configurable alarms.

When both the products, Battery Balancer and Victron Energy BMV-701 batter monitor are used together, it provides a complete solution to monitoring and maintaining 24 and 48 Volt battery banks in the best condition possible, thereby increasing the lifetime as well as avoiding further complications in future.

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