Creative Sound Blaster E3 and E1 launched


Creative technologies has unveiled the Sound Blaster E Series audio solution. These are powerfully built HD Audio amplifiers specially designed to give you an astonishing sound experience. These light weight amplifiers are congruent with PC, smartphones and tablets.

Creative Sound Blaster E3

Creative Sound Blaster E3 and E1

The company has released two devices namely, E3 and E1 in their E-Series. Apart from headphone amplifiers they can also function external sound cards. Both E1 and E3 come with inbuilt microphone for voice recording and voice calls. Additionally, you can also pair up your E3 sound blaster with your other smart gadgets as it comes with a Bluetooth technology and play sounds with them.

These sound blasters have a battery backup of 25 hours but it can vary according to their usage. Besides this, now you’ll be able to enjoy live streaming of long events as it provides 8 hours of wireless streaming. Likewise, in the analog mode the battery can last up to 17 hours. These devices can also serve as a powerful tool for customizing music and gaming sounds as they come with Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) for low latency and high fidelity playback.

Additionally, the embedded microphone and dual headphone ports have also been introduced for the music lovers so that they can enjoy an excellent voice quality. The Sound Blasters E1 and E3 are priced at Rs. 4,999 and Rs. 12,999 and will be available from November only on India’s exclusive e-commerce site, Flipkart. You can share your thoughts and opinions in our comment section. Keep reading for more.

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