Ultra ORION X505-G launched by Ultra Electronics, TCS – A lightweight outstation


One of the few things which a country wouldn’t compromise is upon its defence and security aspects. In issues as important as these, the biggest business tycoons always announce their presence to the nation saying that they have a hand in helping the country for its defence and security.

Ultra ORION X505-G

It wouldn’t be so difficult to guess that we are discussing about none other than Ultra Electronics, TCS, headquartered at Montreal. They have launched the X505-G. It is a compact and lightweight outstation. This will help them to extend the Ultra ORION portfolio of radio solutions for the defence and security markets.

One of the areas which would require an unceasing connectivity but is always subjected to challenges in achieving the same would be a warfront. The war fighters would naturally be in a need to share and access critical data. TCS rightly having understood the need of the hour, has designed the equipment to suit varying environments. It provides high speed connectivity for various land, aerial missions and maritime with the ORION platform. The X505-G along with its 3 channel radio offering up to 1 Gpbs throughput, comprises wide features like:

 The two channels exhibit an aggregate output of upto 200 Mbps.
 Simple deployment, in the presence of small SWaP and intuitive interface.
 System gain and latency.
 Exhibits a channel selectivity ranging from 5,10 and 20 MHz.
 Has an adaptive MIMO technology.
 FIPS 140-2 level 2 AES-256 embedded encryption.
 NATO Band 3+ or 4.
 Option for LTE & ISM Bands 700 MHz, 2.4 GHz & 5.8GHz.

It has to be appreciated that the TCS’ ORION platform can be synchronized with HCLOS which were fielded previously. This means this could offer a wide range of waveforms like LOS, NLOS, SISO, MIMO, PTP, PMP and mesh adapting to various missions which might be required. For instance, an end user would require long range high capacity communications which are offered by Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) waveforms.

To meet this requirement, the X505 series offers best of class MIMO NLOS PMP waveforms for better communications for both static and mobile applications. Having airborne and naval applications around the globe, TCS provides advanced C4ISR and EW systems. Ultra Electronics, TCS being an internationally successful defence, security, transport and energy company while specializing in electronic, electro-mechanical and software solutions has definitely leveraged defence and security to the next level.

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