McAfee Mobile Security Android App Review


Many people keep their valuable data on their mobile phone. If you check the statistics then around 89% of the people save their data on their mobile phone. Most of the apps track the data. Around 82% of the apps track the users.


McAfee Mobile Security Android App Features

These statistics are very interesting. Around 80% of the apps collect the location information. The user is also unaware of the fact that the apps track a lot of information. Around 66% of the polled respondents claimed to share that the mobile content which include the banking details. The main motive of stating the stats is that the user should get optimum security.

McAfee Mobile Security

A lot of Device proliferation and the resultant application explosion has made a lot of vulnerabilities. The McAfee will provide security to the apps. Let us talk about the features of this application. Multi-User app Profiles Restrict is a very good feature which restricts the apps by adding more than the limited profiles. The fact is that the application will also create a safe zones for your kids.

McAfee Mobile Security

There is an app lock feature for this device. The sensitive content will be useful for protecting the privacy of the user. The App protection scans apps and provides the reports of the applications. The best part is that this application also has call blocker and SMS filter. The user can block unwanted calls, numbers and texts to prevent the spam.

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The application has an anti-theft feature. The CaptureCam feature is very useful which silently takes a snapshot of the person holding your lost device. The photo is captured from the front camera when the PIN is entered incorrect. There is an SOS feature which automatically saves the last location of your device before it runs out the battery.

McAfee Mobile Security

You can remotely lock your device with this application. The user can also remotely wipe the data. The feature of Backup and Restore Data is also provided in this application. The user can locate and track the device if it gets stolen. The user can initiate an alarm remotely. The uninstall protection is very unique where it restricts unauthorized user to uninstall the app.

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The user can also remotely manage the mobile security from one central. Let us talk about the main feature of this application. The application avoids any viruses and scans for the malicious codes from the files, SD card, apps and the internet downloads. The user gets to enjoy safe web surfing. He gets protection from the web threats from texts, e-mails and from social networking sites. Wi-Fi Security is also provided.

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