ULED & OLED – Chinese and Korean TVs showcasing Display Technology at CES 2015


At the event of CES 2015, ULED TV which was being represented by China Hisense locked horns with OLED, Korean brands like LG and Samsung, which means that the competition is quite ferocious.

ULED & OLED - Chinese and Korean TVs showcasing Display Technology

ULED & OLED – Chinese and Korean TVs showcasing Display Technology

The new generation of the ULED technology was launched by Hisense as its principle technology in the ring, whereas OLED and 4K were the major elements showcased by Korean brands like LG and Samsung. Both sides had their own defences and offences. These three enterprises may rule the global market in the year 2015. Since television was escorted in the era of flat panel, technology has progressed slowly, the display and innovations in technology and the market competition has become very very brutal.

OLED products are advantageous due to their lightweight, thinness, authentic color gamut and self-illumination as being presented by LG and Samsung, used to be the main focus of the makers of television, but the researchers of technology have not yet overcome the disadvantages of this like high costs, short lifetime and also difficulty is large scale production.

Unlike these two enterprises, Hisense’s ULED technology is greater in this genre. Last year, this type of product was launched, which is aided by Hisense’s self-developed LED back-lit LCD TV image enhancing technology, which could be compared to OLED in regard to color rendering, high speed reaction and contrast but with a much affordable price. The G2 ULED products that were showcased at the event were integrated with new elements like better quality of image, better effect of performance, surface that is curved and quantum dot on the basis of the original.

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The competition between the enterprises is quite intense. The consumers from all over the world will obviously gain from this.

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