LED mask for showing emotions of person in pollution


Whether we like it or not everyone of us wears a mask at some point of time. Wait, here I’m just not talking about the physical presence of a mask around our face, but rather a deep and psychological abstract mask of an emotionless blank poker face that most of us adopt.

LED mask for showing emotions

LED mask for showing emotions

Simone Rebaudengo and Paul Adams in collaboration with Xinchejin have taken the above thought to a next level by organizing a series of experiments named ‘unmask’. The series observes the common practice of wearing a physical mask in Tokyo and China as a precaution of spreading of flu or air quality issues for the latter, respectively.

Through these experiments they have found out that wearing masks actually changes the way we interact with each other. They have come to the conclusion that ‘unmask’ can resolve this outcome as it can value the emotional exchange of communicators even in streets, if its random though.

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The reason is that ‘unmask’ has developed a mask which will allow people to read facial gestures by uncovering hidden ’emotion’ of communicators. The ‘unmask’ enhances a custom made arduino compatible board that can register facial expressions to later display them on a LED matrix. It can help you to detect four different yet important gestures such as plain, smile, suprise and kiss which will help one to discover the mask wearer’s emotion.

The initial ‘unmask’ mask were worn around Tokyo to not only raise an awareness about pollution issues but also to demonstrate the fact that emotions must rather be display than hidden or suppressed. Isn’t being emotional the only thing that makes us more humane than being a mere organism or worst a machine or robot?

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The further developement of the ‘unmask’ aims at buiding masks with small components and a vary of textiles. This whole initation seems an unique and suprising one. One rightly has said that the times have changed today. Today, we don’t wait for opportunity. Rather we try to find a common problem and try developing a suitable solution of the problem. This ‘unmask’ too seems to have undergone a similar school of thought.

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