Transcend launches “Happy Diwali! Store Happy memory!” Campaign


So… yet another gleeful diwali peeping around the corner!  And guess who is coming to wish you this time? It’s that friendly guy who always stood first to help you store all your memories in the form of videos, photographs and what not!?  Yes, I’m talking about TRANSCEND, whom we better recognize in the form of our dear old pen drives.

Transcend launches “Happy Diwali

Transcend launches “Happy Diwali! Store Happy memory!”

Transcend, which has 14 offices worldwide, has rightly understood how excited Indians get when diwali comes around. As a gesture of humble acknowledgement, they have launched their diwali campaign “Happy Diwali! Store happy memory” which would enable us to store all dose special festive moments.  When they say offer, privileges like “buy one, get one free” are included in the menu as well. The campaign would be running from 12th October to 9th November 2014.

With this news from Transcend, we can heave a sigh of relief as it would ease all problems of storing the pictures which our smart phones and cameras would capture. Sharing the same with the endless list of friends and relatives would now be a joy and not a task anymore. To facilitate this, transcend provides portable HDD up to 2 TB capacity and OTG pendrive. Having said this, there would be very less confusion on picking up gifts for your friends and cousins.

The customers can avail Transcend’s JetFlash340 (OTG pendrives) free for the purchase of selected Transcend storage products (HDD/SDD). The campaign will run PAN India including the big metros like, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. The customers have the liberty of grabbing this offer either from retail outlets or through online shopping in Snapdeal.

The retail outlets offer,  TS1TSJ25H3P, TS2TSJ25H3P, TS1TSJ25H3B, TS2TSJ25H3B, TS128GSSD370, TS256GSSD370, TS512GSSD370, TS1TSSD370 while snap deal offers, TS1TSJ25M3B, TS128GSSD370, TS256GSSD370, TS512GSSD370, TS1TSSD370 .

So, now that you have a way to store all your precious memories, stop waiting and start creating those wonderful and picturesque memories and don’t forget to let us know how your celebrations with TRANSCEND went ahead!

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