SanDisk microSDXC 128 GB memory card launched


One of the popular memory card manufacturer in India has made a move. Yes, SanDisk has launched a new memory card. It is a massive micrSDXC memory card having 128 GB memory. Let us see the features of this memory card in detail.

SanDisk microSDXC

SanDisk microSDXC 128 GB memory card

The innovation is at the apex. Recently we had reviewed a Kingston`s 256GB USB Flash drive. Now it is just a memory card which has half its size and is a microSDXC. The capacity of this memory card is 1000x than what was a decade earlier.

Lets talk about some interesting statistics. The user will be able to store 16 hours of Full HD video. Save as much as 7,500 songs and store 3,200 photos. Also more than 125 apps can be stored in this card with ease. So users can enjoy the memory card in their mobile phones and tablets.

The enhanced SanDisk memory zone app is available in Google Play store in beta. The 128 MB microSD card was launched in 2004. Now a 1000 times more memory microSDXC memory card of 128 GB is launched by SanDisk within a decade. The SRP of this device is Rs.9,999.

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