Robox 3D printer launched by element14


With everything around us becoming 3D why not the printing?? As a result of this thought being provoked, element 14 has launched the first truly plug and print 3D PRINTER from ROBOX. 3D printing is the ultimate just-in-time method of manufacturing. It sure will take additive manufacturing to the next level. The printer aims to achieve rapid prototyping while achieving a sound design in test environment.


Robox 3D printer

The dual head print nozzle design makes the Robox printer better than its competitors, by rendering high speeds up to 300%. While one nozzle concentrates on detailing, the other fills large areas with high speed and accuracy. The’ ooze’ and ‘stringing’ from the nozzle is taken care of, by the needle-valve. The problems of ‘blobbing’ or ‘stringing’ of excess material at the end of a section of print are also handled.

Multi coloured Printing: Multicoloured 3D printing is also possible by pausing a print part-way and swapping out the filament being used.

User -friendly Print Bed: A bed of the 3D printer is quite important for producing an effective  prototype. The Robox printer uses a special probing mechanism which detects and corrects the gantry, thus ensuring its position is parallel. This arrangement would adhere to the printing of the first layer. The unique material of the bed, while adhering firmly to the hot plastic while printing allows the user the remove the printed after it is done.

Amazing reel-system : The printer exactly knows the kind of material it is fed with. So how does this happen? The filament which is loao ded with microchips does this job for the printer. The filament makes a tight contact with the printer by means of a closed feed-back loop and dual-pinch-wheel extrusion system.

Advantageous software – a real plug and print type: A user need not feel technically handicapped while using this 3D printer, for all he has to do is, add .stl models to an on-screen visualization of the print bed and hit “print”. The software would allow the user to create 3D printing objects.

Futurist design: The Robox is designed with multitasking abilities. It has the ability to accommodate a second extruder which will achieve dual colour printing or to print a totally different material for that matter. Further, different heads can be quickly assembled to perform diversified functions by the unique Headlock system. Although the printer sounds exhaustive in its functionality, it micromanagement in every step of printing cannot be denied.

A 3D printer as efficient as this, is sure to replace a warehouse full of inventories waiting for customers. This Robox 3D printer is available from element 14 in Europe.

We almost hear you whispering the “what-ifs” and “buts” about the 3D printer. Please go ahead and feel free to shoot them out to us!!

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