MHL launches Alternate Mode for USB Type-C connector


MHL or the mobile high definition link is a technology which almost connected to all android mobiles. MHL enabled smart phones and tablets connect to HD displays, thus delivering crystal clear HD content and amazing surround sound, while simultaneously charging the phone.


MHL launches Alternate Mode

This single instance is enough to hammer the importance of MHL accessories. So what is that intriguing offer MHL now makes for us?? Well, MHL LLC has developed MHL alternate mode for the USB Type-C specification. This would successfully support the MHL-3 specification which comes along with a 4K video, multi channel surround sound audio, HDCP 2.2 which is backward compatible for the MHL specification versions which are existing

The MHL team also aims to extend support to additional capabilities and connectors, such as USB type-C, which is much ahead of the industry’s expectation. One of the apparent reasons for the sounding success of MHL is that it supports most of the connectors already present on mobile devices and displays.


Having said this, it is no surprise when we learn that MHL has expanded upto 650 million devices in a few short years. When a mobile device is designed with a USB Type-C receptacle, it would be able to connect to a lineage of MHL Tvs, monitors, AVRs, Blu-ray Disc, players, projectors, set-top boxes and automotive products. These mobile devices which are associated with USB Type-C MHL Alt Mode also connect to HDMI displays through adapters which will in turn support MHL-to-HDMI protocol conversion.

This USB Type-C cable connector will definitely be a robust solution that will be ideal for almost all the platforms and devices.

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