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Are you looking for a portable scanner where you don`t need to connect it to the computer. Yes it is possible with the Portronics Scanny Series. We had reviewed the Portronics Scanny 6. But now we have the latest Portronics Scanny 7. It is actually the successor of the Portronics Scanny 6. So what is unique about this scanner? Let us find out all the things which we experienced while using this scanner for a long period of time.

Portronics Scanny 7

Portronics Scanny 7 Features


The design of the device is modern. Though it does look like a big cuboid with a width of a bit more than of an A4 Page. The dimensions of the device are 28×4.5×3.8 cm. The weight of the device is 510 grams. The device is portable and designwise because of the display and the buttons there is a very good modern touch to the device. Overall it is like a block and it may happen a lot of times when your colleagues or your friends will ask you “What is this?”.

Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Portronics Scanny 7

So by seeing the design it is difficult for the first time user to identify it as a scanner. The display of the scanner is 1.44 inch LCD. There are few physical buttons on the scanner. There is a Up and down arrow buttons. There are other buttons like the DPI and the file format change button.

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Portronics Scanny 7

The Accessories Provided with the scanner are an User Manual, USB Cable, Cleaning Cloth, CD and Pouch.


This is an advanced version of the Portronics Scanny 6. This scanner has an auto feeder. So it is very easy to scan the documents. So in the previous scanner the user had to calibrate the page and then the use has to scan the page manually by pressing the button and moving it down.

Jpeg Portronics Scanny 7

In this scanner the process is very simple. You just have to turn the scanner ON and then insert the page. You just have to keep the page slightly in the scanner. It automatically takes in the page in the scanner and the document starts scanning. Before using the scanner the user have to insert in a microSD of memory upto 32GB. The microSD card is essential for keeping the saved files.

Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Portronics Scanny 7

Then choose the quality of the document and the file format. There are two major file formats. One is the JPEG and the other one is the PDF. There are 3 kind of quality levels available for the user. Mainly the user can select according to his need. The file sizes of these quality levels also drastically vary. We liked the simplicity of the use of this scanner. No need to read the user manual for this device. Just charge the device and then keep scanning the documents.

It takes only 3 seconds to scan an A4 size document. This is a very good speed and you can scan a lot of documents from an A4 size going smaller and smaller to a visiting card.


If you like to scan a lot of documents on the go then this scanner can be of ideal choice for you. We liked the autofeed feature of this scanner a lot. For people the price can be a concern, but for lawyers, CA, students and for people who scan a lot of documents can be a one time investment.

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