Manhattan 421560 Notebook Briefcase Overview


Looking for a notebook briefcase for your laptop or notebook? Well having a cool briefcase is an essential accessory if you own a laptop or notebook. Not only it is easy to carry, but also essential to protect it. Let us have a look at the features of this accessory.

 Manhattan 421560 Notebook Briefcase Overview

Manhattan 421560 Notebook Briefcase

This bag is woven and hard to get tangled design. It is made in such a way that it resists cuts and nicks and makes the handling easier. This is an ultra lightweight bag and has weight for 35oz.

It has padded compartment for the notebook protection. It has comfortable padded shoulder strap too. There are multiple compartments for files and accessories too.

 Manhattan 421560 Notebook Briefcase Overview

In the front pocket you can keep the computer accessories and cables. In the rear pocket you can keep the file holder. There are also 3 pen loops and also business card holder.

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You can take your laptop with you in style with this bag. This bag carries weight upto 10kg with ease. It fits widescreen notebooks/laptops upto 17 inch with ease.

Price: $22.23

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