Kingston SSDNow V310 1TB launched


Kingston has already launched a new SSDNow V300 series. This series include high speed SSDs. The latest in this family is Kingston SSDNow V310. This is a solid state drive which has 1 TB capacity but the usable memory is 960GB which can be used to store your valuable data.

Kingston SSDNow V310 1TB

Kingston SSDNow V310 1TB features

The new SSDNow is a 10x faster than a 7200 RPM hard disk drive. The Phison 3108 controller gives writing speeds upto 450MB/s. This device is a shock-proof, uses less energy and it stays cool. The device will be less likely to fail than a regular hard disk. It also improves the existing boost speeds of a computer.

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The application load time is reduced a lot by this SSD. It is reliable as it has no moving parts. The device is convenient as it has all in one kits with components which offer easy installation. The form factor is 2.5 inch drive available in 7.0 mm with adapter to fit in the 9.5 systems. The interface has SATA Rev.3.0 interface.

The weight of the device is 92.5g. The device has a warranty with 3 year support. AS per the requirement there are Desktop Upgrade and Notebook upgrade kits.

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