Datawind CEO gets Intelligent Community Visionary of the Year 2014 award


Intelligent community Visionary of the Year is a prestigious award which is given to an individual or an organization who does a lot of things. It includes the leadership role promoting the broadband technology and applications. This is very essential and transformative utility in the digital age provided by Datawind. So Mr. Suneet Singh Tuli gets an award as he is the Co-founder and CEO of Datawind who is the pioneer behind the innovation technology of Datawind.

Datawind ceo

Datawind CEO gets Intelligent Community Visionary Award

This Datawind company is the developer of Aakash and Ubislate tablets. The Intelligent Community Forum believes that it will revolutionize the access to knowledge for billions of people. The tablet is the cheapest according to the Forbes Magazine. We congratulate Mr. Suneet Singh Tuli for this accomplishment.

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We hope that they launch more such new tablets with latest features at low cost, which should be available to the market as soon as they get launched. Stay tuned on Technary for more such udpates on Technology.

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