Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker and On-ear Bluetooth Headphones launched


Bose has introduced two more devices to its SoundLink® series – the Color Bluetooth® speaker and on-ear headphones. The company believes that it is the cheapest speaker available with this technology and features. The speaker weighs only half a kg. With the length and width of 12.7 cm and 5.3 cm resp. and height of 13.4 cm, it can easily get fit in your handbag.

On-ear Bluetooth Headphones

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Since the speakers have wireless connectivity, it gives you the freedom to play your favorite music even at a distance. The speakers are compatible with all smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices. Also, the speaker will be able to automatically detect the device connected. Like any smartphone, it also saves the last eight paired devices. Moreover, it can automatically get paired up with the recent two devices and gives the chance to switch between them.

The secret of its brilliant sound lies in its hardware. The speaker has two highly-efficient transducers and dual opposing passive radiators for making it stand out of others. Also, with an amazing battery life of eight hours, you won’t have to bother about charging it repeatedly. Let’s now shift our focus on the on-ear Bluetooth headphones. Unlike most headphones it has a crispy sound and a lighter design. The dual combination of TriPort® technology and Bose Active Equalization provide more smoother and balanced sound.

On-ear Bluetooth Headphones

The headphone doesn’t let any distraction to come in and affect your call. But the Adaptive Audio Adjustment technology is the highlight, as it automatically decreases the volume at a silent place and increases it at a noisy place. Like the speakers, the headphones also let you to pair up with two devices at the same time.

They weigh only 156 grams and are made of non-corrosive stainless steel and impact resistant materials so that you can enjoy its melodic sound for hours without harming your ears. And an incredible battery backup of 15 hours upon 15 minute of charging makes it the most favorite device out of all available.

The headphone and speakers are priced at Rs. 21,038 and Rs. 11,138 respectively and will be available in Black, white, red and mint colors. Do share your valuable opinions with us in our comment section.

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