Santok STK SMC970 Groovez Bluetooth Speaker Review – Mini sound blaster to take calls


There is always a need of a wireless Bluetooth speaker. We have reviewed a lot of speakers. But today its time for STK`s SMC970 model. This is a tiny speaker. But does it deliver is the big question. We got a chance to review this device for a long time. People like to have wireless speakers for a good pleasing sound and they also like to use it anywhere they want.

Santok STK SMC970 Groovez

A portable speaker is always a need for you. This speaker is created by UK based Santok Accessories. We got a chance to enjoy this speaker for a long amount of time.

Santok STK SMC970 Groovez

Santok STK SMC970 Groovez Features


In the first look I felt that the device is fragile. It needs to be handled with care. The device looks like a bulb in shape. The color of the speaker is white. It looks elegant. The speaker is in cylindrical shape. On the surface you can see the STK logo. On top side of the device you can see the speaker. Here is the main place from where the sound is emitted.

Santok STK SMC970 Groovez

The silver colored plating in the top makes it look stylish. The buttons are placed in the perfect position at the top of the speaker.

The design is modern and looks awesome. If placed in the car it makes the interiors of the more appealing. We will talk about the performance later. In the bottom surface of the speaker you can see the Volume buttons and the ON/OFF switch.

Santok STK SMC970 Groovez

There are also two switches of Bluetooth and another button to pick up the calls. This speaker is mainly designed as a handsfree Bluetooth speaker. There is a Play/Pause button in the bottom of the speaker. There are two ports. One is for Line-In 3.5mm and another one is a microUSB port for charging the speaker.


We tested the speaker in various volume levels. This speaker can be used for two things. One is to play your favourite music and another way is to support it instead your smartphone`s speaker. There is a small microphone also in the speaker which we spotted after a long time of testing.

Santok STK SMC970 Groovez

We played various types of songs on this speaker. The bass is superb. But the treble at high volumes might get distorted. If you listen songs with less beats and more vocals then it is like heaven. At high volumes it does deliver good amount of sound.

We liked the overall sound quality of this small speaker. It feels small but it has great power for sure. A mind blowing speaker by STK.

User Experience

When switched on The Blue Lights lid up and the speaker welcomes you saying “Power ON”. You can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to the speaker. While scanning for devices you can see the device named as SMC970. When it gets paired it makes a sound. You can play music from your smartphone.

Santok STK SMC970 Groovez

The volume can be increased and decreased using the buttons of the speaker also you can change the volume levels from the smartphone.

Calling feature

I liked this feature of this speaker. You can take calls. So after pairing the device you can receive calls from the speaker. There is a mic in the speaker. So you can place the speaker in car and while driving you can take the calls by using the call button in the speaker.

We tested this feature. I called my friend and we wanted to check the speaker`s voice quality. It is good but the listener will surely get echo. Also interestingly you can pair two Bluetooth devices with this speaker. So if you are driving with your girlfriend you can pair smartphones of both.

You can also connect the speaker with an AUX cable. So both the ends of the cable can be connected to a 3.5mm jack(one to the speaker and one to the smartphone/Laptop/MP3 Player). Yes, an AUX cable is provided with the speaker. Also the user gets a USB cable. You can charge the speaker using this cable. Very easy to use for sure.


If you like to drive and want a handsfree solution plus a mini music system then STK SMC970 Groovez speaker should be your choice. Unfortunately it does not have an FM mode and a PC USB mode. Still it delivers what they say.

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