ASUS Matrix GTX 980 gaming graphic card launched for Rs.52,000


ASUSTek Computer Inc. which is usually referred as ASUS is a well renowned company which is known for its computer hardware and electronic products which is headquartered in Taiwan. Its products include desktops, laptops, netbooks, LED/LCD panels, networking equipment, monitors,phones, tablets, graphic cards, optical storage, servers, workstations, multimedia products and more. This has wide range of reputation when it comes to electronic and computer hardware.

ASUS Matrix GTX 980 gaming graphic card

ASUS Matrix GTX 980 gaming graphic card

ASUS has been a great part when it comes to games and has been launching a vivid innovative products for the enhancement of the games. It is been lately concentrating on the development of the gaming .ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) has launched a new graphic card Matrix GTX 980 which is one of the best graphic card which makes the gamer enjoy the game with the best graphics he has ever played which achieves the performance of the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics-processing unit (GPU).

Matrix GTX 980 has earned a spot in the worlds top performing graphic cards by acquiring a score of 28557 on the 3D Mark 11 performance benchmark test.This graphic card gives the gamer the best graphic experience because of the support of next generation 4K/UHD (ultra high definition) with gaming resolution of up to 4096×2160 pixels.

ROG Matrix GTX 980 has an extremely high clock speed of 1342 MHz (boosted),an incredible 126 MHz faster than reference designs.Now-a-days the games which are being released are demanding high graphics and this ROG Matrix GTX 980 gives the gamer a truly commendable speed and boosts the performance of the games by 13% for smooth running of the games  by increasing the frame rates and also high resolutions which picks every detail with the help of 4 GB high speed GDDR5 video memory. ROG Matrix GTX 980 has been engineered for extreme user friendly and overclocking.

ASUS Matrix GTX 980 gaming graphic card

ROG Matrix GTX 980 comes with Memory Defroster which has a unique feature to excite extreme overclockers and quickly defrosts the graphic cards memory during below zero overclocking for the stability. This graphic card has a Safe Mode which allows to overclock  with a single button push will restore default BIOS settings instantly. Using Digi +voltage-regulation modules(VRM) with super alloy power technology ROG Matrix GTX 980 has a support to maintain stable overclocking.Super Alloy Powers  Japanese-made 10k black-metallic capacitors and extremely-efficient MOSFETs are able to withstand greater stress and heat due to the specially formulated materials while the The Digi+ VRM controls digital voltage regulation and delivers 14 phase power.ROG Matrix GTX 980 has an ability to prevent whines and buzzing noises by extreme overclocking and high load performance.

ASUS Matrix GTX 980 gaming graphic card

ROG Matrix GTX 980 has DirectCu II and CoolTech fan for ultra cool purpose and this innovation has thermal technology which has higly conductive 10mm copper cooling pipes which is in direct contact with GPU so that heat dissipation is quicker and gives greater efficiency.ROG Matrix GTX 980 delivers up to 25% i.e 11°Ccooler and 3 times quieter performance with the help of CoolTech fan technology.

The CoolTech fan technology has a hybrid blade and bearing design which consists of inner radial blower and outer flower type blades which helps in multi directional airflow. This kind of airflow helps to accelerate heat removal and helps to maintain stability which intern helps in preventing noise and the fan also being incredibly quiet makes the design perfect.ROG Matrix GTX 980 has a LED which is color coded and helps to shine brightly and changes shades which reflect GPU load level and improvising the gamer visual effects.

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ROG Matrix GTX 980 gives the user an intuitive control over the GPU using GPU tweak which is an easy to use utility which also gives control over the video-memory clock speeds and voltages,cooling fan speeds and power consumption threshold. ROG Matrix GTX 980 GPU Tweak Streaming tool gives the user a upper hand by letting them share on-screen action over the internet in real time where other gamer can watch live as they play the games.ASUS ROG Matrix GTX 980 will be available from December at a price of Rs 52,000/- (plus taxes). The card also comes with a 3-year warranty.

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