5 Best Solar Power Banks to Buy


We all need a power bank to get that extra battery juice when your smartphone’s battery is low. Also its like your companion when you are traveling. This is now a very important utility. It can be your android device or an apple smartphone but battery low issue can always be solved using a power bank. Its like your saviour for the rescue.

We got some special request from our reader Abhay that there is a need for buying a solar power bank. This reader loves trekking and even powerbanks need to be charged from time to time. What if I tell you that you can charge our power bank for free using solar energy. Yes that’s possible and you will be happy when you get to charge your solar power bank for free. There is so much of renewable energy around us, well this can be of very much use to you indeed.

Imagine you are camping and you forgot to charge your power bank fully, so after a time your powerbank’s battery also goes low. So you need to charge the power bank but you don’t have any source. Well using the sunlight you can charge the power bank and charge your smartphones. You can use smartphones for GPS or for important work. So it will surely come for rescue. A solar power bank is necessary for all the adventure lovers.

We have curated a list of best solar power banks which you can buy. So you can choose accordingly.

COOLNUT CMSPBS-19 Solar Power Bank 10000mAh

COOLNUT CMSPBS-19 Solar Power Bank 10000mAh

This device is from the brand Coolnut which has a range of solar power banks. We picked this one as it can be suitable in your budget and fulfill your needs. This solar power bank has a weight of 299g. The powerbank can be connected to all types of smartphones using their respective cables.

The dimensions of this device is 12.8 x 7.8 x 2.4cm. There are three types of microUSB cables provided. There is one charging adapter with the power bank. There is a user manual and a warranty card. There are 2 USB ports to be used. The material used is Aluminum and ABS.

The device looks cool in blue color and with 2.4A charging cable you can charge your devices very fast and you can charge the power bank very fast too. There are a range of accessories provided with this power bank.

There are 4 LED power indicators to showcase the battery level of the power bank.

Buy COOLNUT CMSPBS-19 Solar Power Bank 10000mAh for Rs.1,899

Probeatz Reliable Power Bank-18000Mah

Probeatz Reliable Power Bank-18000Mah

This device looks like a huge block. This is a massive power bank. The device has a power capacity of 18000mAh. Its very useful for long journeys and flights for sure. The design does look rough and tough and may withstand drops and shocks. The powerbank supports fast charging using AC adapter and slow charging using the sunlight or any kind of light.

It looks bulgy but is easy to carry in the pocket. It is compatible to all devices using the right USB cable. Surprisingly the weight of the powerbank is only 222g. The dimensions are 1.3 x 6.8 x 11.8 cm. There is dual output charging with maximum of 2A output. It has aluminum+ABS shell.

There are 4 LED indicators for displaying the battery level of the power bank. There is also a LED flash light in case of darkness which can come in handy. The device can be full charged in 8-12 hours using the 2A AC Adapter and it can be charged in 20-40 hours depending on the sunlight.

This is a value for money device for sure.

Buy it for Rs.1,399

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IFITech Solar Power Bank

Probeatz Reliable Power Bank-18000Mah

This solar power bank can be used for trekking with ease. The thing which I liked about this device is the hook provided as an accessory. So you can attach the power bank to your belt using the hook while trekking. This is something amazing for sure.

The device is having a battery capacity of 15000mAh. There is also a 6 LED flashlight. There is also a SOS option which works good in darkness. the device has Dual USB power outputs, one is having 2A output and another one has 1A output. There is power input which has a microUSB slot to charge the power bank.

The device can be charged using the sunlight with ease. A smartphone can be charged around 3 to 5 times after full charge of this powerbank.

This device is also made up of ABS material. It has anti-shock, and makes it durable. It is water resistant, cold resistant, heat resistant and also can sustain all weather conditions according to the company. The size of the device is like that of a smartphone and is easy for carrying. Recommended for outdoor adventure and sports enthusiasts.

IFITech Solar Power Bank for Rs.2,975

Longway Solar power bank 5000mAh

Probeatz Reliable Power Bank-18000Mah

If you are looking for a stylish power bank which is very much elegant then you must checkout this powerbank for sure. This solar power bank is portable, compact and thin. Though the battery capacity is only 5000mAh.

It uses American “sunpower” solar panel. Its the most lightweight powerbank from the list. The device has weight of 186g. The device has a flap which when opened then can be used for solar charging. So the design is just awesome and very much capable of capturing eyeballs.

So this is a unique powerbank which can be your choice for sure.

Buy Longway Solar power bank 5000mAh for Rs.1,599

Reliable 15000 mAh High Quality Solar Power Bank

Probeatz Reliable Power Bank-18000Mah

This powerbank from the brand Reliable is having a battery capacity of 15000mAh. This is a light weight powerbank having weight of 222g. The device has dimensions of 1.2 x 6.8 x 11.8 cm. This device can charge all types of smartphones and tablets using the right USB cable.

The power bank provides dual output charging power bank with maximum of 2A output. Using solar charging the power bank charges slowly on the go. It has aluminum and ABS shell case. There are smart 4 LED power indicators for showing the level of the charging of the power bank.

I liked the back side of the power bank. It gives you a good amount of flashlight which is useful in darkness. There is a 20 LED bright light which is equal to a 7 Watt LED bulb.

Buy Reliable 15000 mAh High Quality Solar Power Bank for Rs.2,999 Rs.1,799

Final Verdict

Buying a solar powerbank is like choosing a companion with you for your adventure. So choose it wisely from the list. Enjoy free renewable source of energy!

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