Touch of mobile not working – Solution


What happens when your smartphone`s touch stops working? You might get shocked or may be panicked? Touch of mobile not working is a major problem. Well relax and let us try some of the solutions which you can do to make sure that you fix the issue.  Well all these methods are tried and tested and few of them may work for you. So I am sharing all the techniques which you can also use to fix your problem.

Now before solving the problem, analyzing the problem is necessary. So the reason of failure needs to be detected. So this can be any of the situation:

  • Physical Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Internal Damage
  • Loose connectivity
  • Software/Memory issues

So it is very important to know the root cause of the problem for sure. When the smartphone stops working and you are not able to do anything, what is the most important thing which you are thoughtful about? Its the data in your smartphone. For many people data is very much valuable for them. Mostly the contacts.

For saving the contacts on cloud for free(limited data) from beginning you can use the G Cloud app, which has saved my valuable contacts many times.

Touch of mobile not working - Solution

What to do if your smartphone is damaged by water and touch screen not working?

The first thing you should do is remove immediately the battery of the smartphone. So if the phone accidentally falls into the water or water is spilled upon your phone. Switch off the phone and remove the battery of the smartphone. Why should we do it? Well it is very important to remove the battery as it may make any short circuit and may damage the motherboard of your smartphone (IT HAPPENS!!).

The next thing you should do is to open the back side of the device and dry the phone. Do not use hair drier or any instrument. Just keep the mobile for a long amount of time(may be hours). When the handset seems to be completely dry then relocate the battery and start the phone. If its done well in time then the phone might just get saved.

Suddenly my smartphone`s touch is not working properly, what should I do?

Now if its partial touch not working then you are a bit lucky as you can try some of the functions. First of all go the Settings->System->Developer Options->USB Debugging Kindly activate USB Debugging. This will be a savior for you. It has been for me a lot of times. So what is the advantage of USB Debugging ON? Well you can easily connect your smartphone to your mouse. So for that you need to connect your smartphone with the OTG Cable. And to the OTG cable you can connect a USB mouse. With the mouse you can actually use the smartphone. Well the first thing is to make a backup of your data and send it to cloud. So you can save the contacts in a .CSV file and send it to yourself by e-mail or transfer them to your computer.

If there are important data you can transfer it to your computer and secure your data. So this is a important tool which will help you to use your smartphone using a mouse even if the touch of the phone is not working. Well if you have not activated this option, activate it NOW! If your phone`s partial touch is not working and you have`nt activated it, then try to activate it. If activated successfully then you can use your smartphone with your mouse. Atleast this can solution can save your valuable data for sure.

Old Solution

There are various third party apps on the play store. Some may be malicious and are not compatible with the software of your device. These apps do consume a lot of cache memory of your smartphone. Because of this it may surely hamper the device physically where touch of the device may stop working or the phone starts lagging. So to eradicate or solve this problem the old school solution is to restart your smartphone. Otherwise you can switch OFF and switch ON the smartphone. This will clean up all the temporary memory and may solve your problem of touch not working properly.

There is a concept of soft reset or reboot. This can be done easily by switching off the smartphone. Remove the battery of the device and then wait for atleast 5 seconds. Then again place the battery to its position and the soft reboot can be done. You can switch off your smartphone by long pressing the Power Key/Lock Key.

Hard Reset

Before carrying out this procedure it is very important to save or backup your data. So you should be able to save your data first and then try this out. If your touch is completely not working then you can try it using the USB debugging which I explained to you in the above solution. This will help you to save your valuable data. Then you can try out things. Always remember:

Data is more valuable then money.

Well then go to the Settings>Security/Personal/Storage->Factory Data Reset

Choose erase everything. This will do a master reset and your phone`s complete data will be gone and the phone will boot the software as it was when you had bought the new phone. Now the reason for doing this is, if there are any software problems/memory issues all will be sorted out with this technique. Very useful and it is the most important DIY(Do It Yourself) solution for most of the problems of the smartphone.

Note: Even if you go to the service center they will do the same above technique first to erase your data. So its better to try yourself rather than wasting your time in visiting them if it solves your problem.

Hard Reset Solution 2

Before trying this solution make sure that there is a good battery level charged on the device. So in the beginning just switch off the phone. Then keep long pressing the POWER+UP buttons together for a long time until the warning comes. Also you can try to press the POWER button until the Lenovo Logo appears(Tried on a Lenovo A6000 Plus) then continue pressing the VOLUME UP + VOLUME Down together until a menu appears.

There will be options like Reset Device. So you can select the reset device option. (All data will be erased and it will reset software like a new handset for you).

Last Solution

In case of physical damage we are sure that if the hardware is not working then its time to take the smartphone to the service centre. Even in case of water damage, even after trying above methods and you are not able to solve the touch problem.

So what will the service centre do?

First of all they will ask you the bill of your smartphone. Now even if your phone comes under warranty, the warranty does NOT cover physical and water damage(except for few water resistant devices)

Power Tip: Next time you buy a smartphone buy it of the best build quality and make sure it is water resistant if you think that your phone may get damaged due to water.

The solution at service centres may be:

  • If there is any loose connection they may fix it (happens rarely)
  • They will surely change the touchpad/motherboard or both to fix this problem.
  • If the display is damaged then they will replace it.

The charges they will ask to do this task is insane. Example for a INR 7000 smartphone the cost for changing the motherboard is INR 3500 and for a touchpad is INR 3000. If both get damaged, try to ask for a discount which will still be around INR 4000 which will is more than half of the price of the smartphone.

Try out the above solutions and let us know which one worked for you. If you have used any other type of solution let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hey Nikhil,
    I used the hard reset solution for my smartphone and it worked. Though painfully data was lost but as important files were on cloud I am not worried that much. Thanks a lot dude.


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