Vserv Smart Data will improve the conversion rate


One of the world’s leading platform for mobile marketing, Vserv, has introduced a new technology for business which has been all been designed for a Smart Data revolution. Vserv has led the user profiles of many of their clients grow by connecting them with data management platforms (DMPs) and leading telecommunication companies.

Vserv Smart Data

Vserv Smart Data

Partnerships with the world’s greatest telcos has proved to be the key point in their success. Major Telecom Companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Globe, Aircel, Mobifone and Robi Axiata are in collaboration with Vserv. This coming together is believed to bring a massive change in the mobile technology.

Currently, Vserv provides data for more than 50% of the internet users and is setting an example for the small startups in this technology. Many startups and other small big data companies are already being backed up by Vserv. Also, when one of the leading mobile top-up company came together with Vserv for a mere test campaign, a dramatic increase of 5 times was seen in their conversion rate.

Most advertisements of the telecom companies offer very little interest for their users but Vserv, for over the years have been studying their consumers demand and observing their psychology for liking or disliking an advertisement. And that’s why the ads they produced are rated unique as well as the best of all. They target the need of the users and so give produce the best results. Moreover, its data partners believe to produce better results by connecting their data with Vserv’s Smart Data™.

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