VMWare Buys AirWatch for $1.5Bn, conquers mobile workspace


There is someone other than Google who has a lot of cash with them. It is none other than the VMWare software compny. You must have used this software to swap between the Operating Systems in your computer. You can use 2 or more Operating Systems at a time with this software.

VMWare Buys Airwatch

This is a huge news altogether for the Software developers from VMWare. There are a lot of things which this software does. We all were not aware that the VMWare is a multi-billion dollar company. Now let us talk about
the Airwatch company.
The Airwatch company sells technology to secure data and various applications on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Any aquisition is a party time for the venture investors. They earn a lot from such deals. They invested a certain amount in Airwatch and now they must have received money in multiples in a short duration of time. This is what an acquisition can do.


Airwatch had previously raised a hefty amount of $225 million dollars. The AirWatch will surely provide the real and important value now. The Managing director did told that growth capital and private equity is what they get from this deal.
The technolgy from Airwatch would be of utter use for the software giant VMWare. Many mega giants are buying the mobile security companies. The mobile security is of very much importance to everyone. After the series A funding the valuation of AirWatch was 1 billion dollars.

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