RamaForce Android Game review (updated version 1.0.5)


We had already reviewed this application. Do you remember? If not then you can find our previous review here. The reason for reviewing again this application is that the app has got a major update, so we have to discover what all new things they have introduced in this update and how it will enhance the gaming experience by the user`s perspective.

RamaForce Android Game review

RamaForce Android Game

For the people new to this game, RamaForce is a game which is based on the Indian Mythology Ramayana and it is a simulation + Tower Defense + Adventure game. The storyline is just amazing. So lets not wait in exploring this game. We will focus mainly on the aspects which we find new in the update of this game.

RamaForce Android Game review

Game Play

In level 1 you have to earn 5000 points to move ahead to next level and also buy the pottery plant. This can be done with ease by creating plots and do farming. A feeling of Farmville is present while doing it. We liked the simulation part of the game, where the user has to compulsory collect the resources. There is a bear which comes and destroys the crops. To avoid him getting in the territory you can assign a guard.

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The points are the only currency by which you play. This update has mainly introduced a better gameplay, tutorial slides for easy instructions in the previous stages were missing in the prior updates. It has made the gameplay smoother and enjoyable for the first timer. As we were accustomed to this addictive game, mainly the previous 2 levels for me were far more addictive.

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In the level 2 you have to collect the 20000 points and also buy the arrow plants and the cart too. This will make sure that you have collected enough resources to move into the next level of the game. It can be also done by harvesting fruits from the berry farm and also from the animals. This way you can get to the target pretty easily.

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The next levels are completely based on your Tower Defense skills. Here also the user experience is enhanced than that of the previous ones. You can make sure that you plot the towers strategically at right positions for getting the maximum hit points. Using the hit points, you can again plot new towers and make sure that you kill all the Lankans in the wave.

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The strategic importance can be felt in the later stages specially from the level 5. This stage you have to not only kill all the enemies (you can pass go 12 enemies), but if strategically plotted, the towers can hit a lot of enemies. Read the instructions carefully while playing the game, there are always hints hidden in the goals.

We enjoyed playing the updated version of the game, which has tutorials for new gamers which enhances the user experience a bit. We also think that while buying the crops at the marketplace you have to manually increase the counter to the amount of crop seeds you want to buy. You can plant the seeds with ease. But planting the fruits is a pain for the gamer, but you get maximum points by harvesting the fruits.

So make sure that you also harvest the fruits on time so that you can get maximum out of it. It was easier for me to get into the next level from level 2 to level 3 by harvesting a lot of fruits. The game gets better and better as you progress, the music of the game is very encouraging for a battle.

Final Verdict

One of the best mythological Ramayana Game on Android. Do not miss playing it. Even for kids it is like a very nice story teller. For adults the action part of the game will be loved for sure.

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