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With the world getting busier and busier, seldom do we have time to take care of our day-to-day chores. But with the jaw-dropping development in technology, we shouldn’t hesitate to accept that, all those chores are getting managed by themselves, if only we delegate them properly. With the touch of the screen almost all the complex tasks are getting simplified. There are lots of apps which lend us their helping hands with the dawn of the android era. One such app which draws our attention at this juncture is the MobiKwik, Mobile wallet app.

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MobiKwik Windows App

Having gained wide popularity despite the competition witnessed, the MobiKwik has now launched its new version of windows app. The app offers a user friendly interface and with its superior design proves to be faster to use. The app exactly is meant to be merged seamlessly with the current day smartphones. It is extremely compatible both with 3G and 2G connections.

As we hinted earlier, this is one of those apps which relieve your tension with the click of a button. Once money is parked in the MobiKwik wallet, the transactions happen in split seconds. No longer will the user be required to move merchant to merchant, or walk from one bank to another.

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The transactions are quick and easy. What else will we need? The app handles both credit and debit card payments. Its supports a wide array of cards like that of the Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners & Discover cards. When it comes to e-banking, once again a range of 50 Indian banks have been supported.

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Apart from this, the cash of the users can also be door-picked and be added to the ‘Cash Pay’ option of MobiKwik. The app saves the transaction history thus allowing the users to check their own transactions if the need arises. If you are one of those generous friends willing to share your money with your buddies, hold on!! The MobiKwik has a quick fix for that as well.


The P2P Money Transfer service would assist you to transfer money to a buddy through this app. If you should re-charge your beloved’s phone account, you could still do via this app. It supports almost all the operators such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and the others.

This not only implies for prepaid, but also for post paid connections. The list covers exhaustively event to Electricity connections, Gas connections and even includes the premium payment for your Life Insurance Policies. An amount of Rs.50, 000 can be kept in the MobiKwik wallet to spend on all these expenses.

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After having read, if you are being skeptical about the app, why not go and try it? While the modern day apps claim to lessen our burden, why not we make use of them and get benefited? If you differ from my opinion, do drop in your comments!! We are waiting,…

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