Instant Android Application launched by Emberify


Instant is an Android app recently launched by Emberify  tracks the time we spend on our Android phone.This app also tracks the number of times an individual has unlocked your smartphone.For those who think that there are addicted to the smartphone and want to know the time they spend on the mobile can use this app which keeps a log of the time spent on the smartphone. By this we can reduce the number of hours we spend on the smartphone.

Instant Android Application

Instant Android Application

As we think that how this Instant app is really used in our day to day life,the answer is very simple the one who wants to keep log of everything he does on the smartphone which includes the  number of time unlocking the mobile, time spent on the smartphone and to keep track of that spent time. This app really comes in handy for those who want to reduce the amount of time spent on the smartphone. Be the unlocking of the screen includes reply to messages,call a friend,or do whatever this app counts the no of times the mobile has been unlocked and keeps the track of it which it does automatically.

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With the wonderful user interface the Instant app is genuinely the amazing app one should download and install who wants to track the things.The design of the app intrigued everyone which realizes the person about the amount of time he is wasting on the smartphone and tries him to divert to other useful things.In-app purchases mode would also come soon inside the App.

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