How to transfer files between Macbook and android phone


Have you bought a new Apple Macbook? Well you must be learning a lot of things about it. There is a problem for which you are looking a solution. As the post suggests this is one of the biggest problem for the new Macbook users. People have no idea of how to transfer the files between the android smartphone and the Macbook. Well there is a easy solution for the same. Let us do it step by step.

By the way if you have been a Windows user earlier, then you must be wondering, why the phone connected via USB cable is not showing up any icon on the Finder? Well windows does come with pre-installed drivers for Android Support. In the case of OS X you have to make sure that you install these drivers to make your phone visible directly on your macbook.

How to transfer files between Macbook and android phone

Transfer files between Macbook and android phone

Step 1 : Download the Android File Transfer

You can download it from the official Android Website. Also you can directly download by clicking on the Direct Link: Link to Download the Android File Transfer [3.1 MB]

Step 2 : Installing

As you know in Mac you use the DMG file to open for installing anything. After downloading the file click on the .dmg file and the Mac installer will ask you the desired location to install the drivers.

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Step 3: Dragging

You will see a window where there are two icons. Just drag the Application`s icon to the installer window. Within seconds the drivers will get installed.

How to transfer files between Macbook and android phone

Step 4: Connection

Use a USB cable to connect the smartphone to the Macbook. You are done!

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Step 5: Open Android File Transfer App

Automatically the Android File Transfer App will open. If not then you can find the app in the Launchpad. From this app you can get to browse all your folders of your smartphone on your macbook.

Let us know if you find this tutorial helpful. We will keep sharing many other tutorials. Till then stay tuned on Technary.

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