How to root your Android Smartphone – Easy Steps


Have you ever wondered that more than 50% of Smartphone users are using android as their operating system but we can’t even use 50% of the totally capabilities of our phones due to some preset rules by Google and some other companies. Are you feeling as if you are in colonialism? Do you really want to use your Smartphone to its 100%? So get ready my friends to have a jailbreak; we are going to teach you how to root your android smartphone so that you can use all the features of your Smartphone.

Now unlock all the hidden features, install “incompatible” apps, increase your virtual memory (RAM) to make your android faster, increase your battery life, block all the irritating adds, and say bye-bye to all the pre-installed crapware and even you can flash a custom ROM. In other words it’s time to truly own your device.

How to root your Android Smartphone - Easy Steps

So generally we are afraid of rooting our device as it’s an unknown field to us. The general questions and doubts that arise to our mind are:

Is it something that only an engineer of a relative field can do?

Will my data be erased?

Can I unroot my device?

And so on…

So now we here to help you with all such questions and even more.

At first we would like to clarify your biggest doubt about rooting an android device; that it is not at all a tough task. Even someone with a little bit familiarity of computers and android phones can root their phones to enjoy the perks. And yes as every coin has 2 sides rooting your phone might be problematic to you if your phone is in warranty period then after rooting it you will lose your warranty so it is advised not to root your phone until it is in warranty period except this there are almost no problems that might affect your phone after rooting and if at all at any instance you feel to unroot your mobile then yes you can and you can even regain you warranty too.

Prerequisites before rooting your device

  • Back up your phone so in case you want restore some of your important data.
  • Your phone should be fully charged
  • Turn on USB debugging and OEM unlocking

How to turn on USB debugging and OEM unlocking

  • Go to settings on your device. Then click on developer option and the tick the USB debugging mode.
  • If you don’t see developer option at the bottom of settings then:
  1. Go to “about phone” click on “build number” seven times and the developer option will appear on the main page of settings.
  2. Now simply go to developers option check on USB debugging and OEM unlocking.

Unlock your bootloader

For your device you can go to respective sites for unlocking your boot loader:




For other devices try this

Now you are fully prepared to root your phone that can be done by using any of these 3 apps:

Just what you need to do is install any one of the app from above.

Click on root button

Wait for a while till the process complete

If successful, you will see a large check mark with the word Root successfully

So now you have successfully root your phone

But the 1st question that arises to your mind is why the hell I just did that? This is because you don’t know how to enjoy the perks after rooting your device. So in this article we are here to teach you how to enjoy the freedom of the world of android smartphones.

These are some super exciting things that you can do only after rooting your android phone

  • Install SuperUser: Superuser is a must app for every rooted phone. Superuser allows to install many after rooting apps as:
  • Link2SD: allows to move apps installed on device to external SD card which saves the internal memory.
  • Keyboard manager
  • Titanium backup
  • DroidWall
  • Install CWM – Clockworkmod Recovery and Flash Custom ROMs
  • Flash any zip file from phone itself
  • Increase RAM
  • Faster processing speed (no hanging)
  • Uninstall preinstalled crapware
  • Block Ads
    • Annoying ads can be blocked
  • Backup apps
    • No need to install apps every time you hard reset you can backup your apps and restore them
  • Install Indian Fonts
    • Enjoy the desi fonts like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, etc.

Here we are with some of the awesome apps which you can only use after rooting your phone:

  • Flashify
    1. Download ROMs
    2. Flash ZIP files
    3. Create full android backup
  • Greenify
    1. Shows you the detailed analysis of which apps are running and how frequently we use them.
  • Disk Digger
    1. Recover lost data like images,videos,docs,etc.

Unrooting your device

Rooting your device might sound thrilling to an individual but after you attain the root access you might feel it is worthless to you or is complicated to handle. So for such users we have some of our special techniques to unroot your phone and to make it as it is as it was earlier.

This software allows you to unroot your device and make its as it was earlier.

Just go to app’s settings

Click on “full unroot”

Wait for some time and enjoy.

So in conclusion I would like to say that android smartphone is one of our best companion in today’s world. So if there is a need to mold it according to your desire than you should not wait that someone else will do that or even you should not feel that you are chained up and bounded by rules. Where there is a need there is way and we are always there to help you to show the way.

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