How to apply Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge


As a developer you might be looking for enhancing your skills on a daily basis. You might be building world-class technology solutions for your organization. A developer has to learn and adapt to new technologies. Competitions and challenges help you to grow as an individual and help you to get the best out of you. Your creative mind for finding solutions to problems is activated and you can develop amazing solutions.

How to apply Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge

Participating in competitions and challenges help you to give your best and make the best of the resources available to you. You get to learn new technology or new ways of how the technology can be used to find the right solution. As an organization, letting your developers participate in such revolutionary competitions help in the growth of the individual and the organization as they get trained talent.

There is an amazing opportunity for you to participate in a Global Challenge where you can showcase your coding skills and make solutions to global problems. This Call for Code 2019 Global challenge may change your life altogether. Let us get to know about this challenge and the process to get enrolled in it.

What is Call for Code 2019?

Call for Code 2019 is a worldwide developer competition that is looking for technology solutions for specific causes. This is a multi-year initiative focused on solving global problems with the use of technology. Created by David Clark Cause and founding partner IBM. Last year in Call for Code 2018, over 100,000 developers from 156 nations participated in the challenge.


This year’s objective is to create a developer’s team and create technology solutions for natural disaster preparedness, recovery and response. This will be help human mankind and right use of technology will be served to find the desired solution. If we knew beforehand about natural disasters like Tsunami and earthquakes, then there would not be that many human losses. You are coding to make earth a better place, which is an amazing objective to code for.

Why should a developer participate in this challenge?

  • As a developer you will get to learn a lot of things like new technologies, new methods of finding the solution.
  • Your logical and creative thinking will be surely enhanced.
  • Teamwork is needed as a developer team needs to work together. Your participation in such an environment will help you in nourishing your individual skill sets.
  • Winning team will be rewarded with amazing benefits.
  • You will be coding to create solution for the above causes, which will be beneficial for the human mankind.

How can developers participate and contribute in Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge?

You can easily participate in the Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge in these 4 easy steps:

  1. Join Call for Code 2019 Community – Get IBM Cloud account and get to know about the challenge, rules, scope and schedule.
  2. Use Code Patterns and Resources to Build your solution – The solution can be built using the 6 technologies mentioned, also there are 6 disaster areas and health issues to focus on for building solution.
  3. Find Teammates and engage with Experts – It’s a huge community, get to know other developers, build your team and brainstorm your idea.
  4. Submission – Explain your solution in detail, your code and demo video link. You will have to accept the participation agreement.

IBM’s technologies, which can help in building solutions and applications:

IBM has created Code and Response as life-changing open technology for the developers. They have built open technology in the aim of helping communities that need critical aid.

Benefits to the Society

By building solution for this challenge you will certainly help the human society at large. The technology solutions for natural disaster preparedness will help the local people in advance about any upcoming natural disaster. Technology can be very much helpful in these areas of identifying the natural disasters in advance, which can help many lives. Use of the technology solutions in healthcare will be very much helpful for many individuals. This will certainly support in building some robust solutions, which will be helpful to the mankind at large. 


Winner of Call for Code Challenge 2019 who builds the best solution for natural disaster preparedness and response will get:

  1. A whooping USD $200,000 cash prize
  2. Call For Code Global Award at the main event
  3. Meetings with potential investors and mentors for making the solution to reality
  4. Solution Implementation support from Code and Response
  5. Open source project support from Linux Foundation

Apart from the winning team the runner-up teams will also be rewarded with amazing benefits.


There are only benefits for developers and must not miss out this opportunity. Be a part of amazing Global community which is striving to make world a better place using technology. Well if you are a developer then you must not wait to enroll in this amazing global challenge. Hurry, as last date of submission is 29th July 2019.

Visit Call For Code Official Website Now!

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