Why Data Recovery Application is Important for Your PC


If you are still searching for free recovery software but haven’t found anything relevant then this new recovery wizard would be something that you will love. The easeUS Date Recovery Wizard is one of the finest free file recovery program that works equally well for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The data recovery wizard supports a number of options for extracting and recovering the data. The wizard is sufficient enough to recover data from the internal as well as from the external hard drives. Along with these two common devices, the wizards can successfully pull the data for recovery from USB devices, memory cards, music players, iOS devices, etc. The list of devices is very long that the wizard supports and is capable to operate and work on for data recovery.

Why Data Recovery Application is Important for Your PC

The presence of many unique and amazing features along with providing the ease to use has made the free data recovery software one of the most preferred and popular wizards. Though, as it is said nothing is perfect in this world, as a result, this wizard also has a major disadvantage when it is compared with other similar data recovery wizards. But the unique features and simplicity of this wizard along with providing an easy access to its features, the wizard has completely overshadowed its shortcoming.

Details about the wizard:

  1. The data recovery wizard can be easily installed by Mac users and Windows user having 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP versions.
  2. The deleted files can be browsed by a path in Window explorer. The deleted data can also be found by the type of the file or by the time that was removed.
  3. The wizard also eliminates the need of rescanning the entire session of files to recover any particular by allowing the users to back up the scan result and reopen it at a later time.
  4. The wizard can sort the recovered files by their name, data, and type of file.
  5. The wizard’s deep scan gives a complete analysis and protection of the drive than the regular normal scan that ends quickly.
  6. The file can also be found by its name or extension as the search tools of the wizard allows the users to search through the scan results.
  7. The wizard gives an advantage to the Window users as it allows them to recover the file not only from the file system of the Windows but also from Mac HFS+ file system drive.

The advantages of the wizard:

The wizard offers the following strong points to the users:

  1. Easy to use
  2. No confusing in accessing the features of the wizard
  3. Provides feature of file review before recovering them
  4. It supports the undeleting of more than one file at a single time

The cons of the wizard:

Despite the numerous benefits, the wizard also has the following cons:

  1. The limit of free data recovery is only 500 MB


The data recovery wizard is very simple to use without causing any confusion about the accessing of the features. The very first screen after opening the wizard opens a vast option of categories to choose for recovery.

The wizard does not change the original format of the files which it recovers. The wizard also makes it very easy to locate the position of the files before they were deleted. Thus, it gives the ease to the users to easily access the original location of the files. The wizard also provides many easy options for restoring and backing the files after recovering.

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