BullionIndia App will help Gold and Silver Traders


One can certainly call this present era as an era of online trade. Buyers as well sellers could point out thousands of valid reasons as why they prefer online shopping as well as selling. But have you ever thought that there would be a day when you can buy gold and silver online?

Bullion IndiaBullionIndia App helping Gold & Silver Traders

Well, grace this opportunity, as BullionIndia.in, has come out with this unique idea where it not just allows you to buy, sell or mortgage gold and silver but also provides you, updates about the present day market rate of gold as well as silver. BullionIndia.in has also introduced Smartphone apps that connect you with such minute details about gold and silver that are available in Android platform, which will soon be available in IOs markets too.

This method is far easier, cheaper, swift and hassle-free, that you’d soon start to make it a habit to buy these precious metals only online. Thus, allowing you to buy and sell these metals whenever you want them to. They are stowed and kept in a safe international security agency locker and are delivered to your doorsteps whenever you feel to have them back to you. Even expert opinions are provided on as the when is the best time to sell or buy.
Mr. Ketan Kothari, Director, BullionIndia.in, is quoted saying about this innovative idea and app,

“The app underlines our commitment to bring the best services to our customers. First we revolutionized the manner in which bullion was bought and sold in India . We then made it cheap, safe and convenient – a rare feat. Now, with the app, we empower our users to have complete control and information about the market and their portfolio, right at their fingertips. We are sure this is going to be loved by all our users.”

Soon, gone would be the days when you had lost your money on these precious metals due to lack of understanding and information about them and their ranging rates. The prices offered by BullionIndia.in is unmatchable because it’s run by an organization that is licensed to import directly, which passes on their price advantage to customers.

All you would now need to do is to have an internet connection to download and access their app that will provide information on live transactions rate, expeditions and so on direct to your phone screens. Thus, now finally you can learn, understand and work upon your knowledge on gold that has marred only by a group of sectors for centuries altogether.
BullionIndia app can be downloaded from android an App store that is free of charge to download and use. All users have to do is to create a Member ID and password and once that is done they can access, transact and buy gold on go, from anywhere, anytime and always.
If you have been impressed by the description above and want to give this app a try, you can download it. Please do share your opinions, experience and suggestions with us. You can share your opinions and ideas with us by commenting in the comment box, below.

This article is written by : Anuradha Sivaraman

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