Beats Music App will arrive at iTunes


So have you ever heard the nostalgia music from the beats headphones? If yes then this is a good news for you. I am talking about the official Beats Music app which is available in the Apple store. They are expanding from the gadgets no to the software.

 Beats Music App

Beats Music App

The iTunes app from the Beats Music will let you tweak in a lot of things. There are a lot of players in this arena. But Beats Music is going to be unique. There are companies like the Spotify and Rdio, who do what Beats Music is doing.

Music Subscription is a huge market to capture as seen from the Beat Music. There are loads of music genres, artists and lots of things for the music lovers in this applications. You can immediately give out a lot of musical
suggestion on the choices of the user.

So I know that user is the King and Beats Music knows that. They are doing a splendid job in making this application. This is a smart app for your smartphone ofcourse an iphone. It creates automated playlists for the users according to their taste of music.

Beats music says that there are 1 million possible sentences and they are growing a lot.This is a lot more compelling product from Beats. They are launching this app on 21st January for a subscription price of $10 a month. They are charging too much. Lets see what all they will do in near future.

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