How to add text in an image in Mac


Have you just bought a new Mac? So you must be having a lot of images and you want to do image editing on them. So you must be wondering how to add text in an image in Mac? Well to begin with most of the users must be looking for an image editing software which can do this task. You must also be looking for a freeware software which can do the editing.

How to add text in an image in Mac

Seriosuly talking about adding a text in an image is a very small task if you know the right way to do it. Many people don`t like to use complex softwares as they have to learn to use them. So we will be showing you the simplest way of doing it. Basically anyone can do it if you are using a Mac and want to insert text in an image.

So what do you want to insert a text in an image? It can be for a quote, watermark or to show some message in a particular image. Well if you are thinking that I will be telling you about a software which will be a solution for this problem, then you are wrong. There is a system built in function to do this easy task. We will guide you step by step of how to add text to any image on Mac.

Step 1

Open the image using Preview in Mac. (Preview is the default image viewing application in Mac. If you are using different software to view images, then just right click on the file name, then scroll down to Open With and select “Preview”).

Step 2

Onc the Image is opened in Preview then click on the “Show Markup Tool Bar icon”. This icon is like a Tool Box which is placed on the top Right side just left of the search box when you open the image in Preview.

Step 3

When you click on that icon you will see a list of markup tools lined below. From these tools, Select the “T” icon which is for adding Text in the image. Once you click on it, you will see that you can type the desired Text and it can be seen on the image. If you want to change the font of the added text or the color of the Text, you can do so by clicking on “A” icon which is the font section. You can also highlight the background of the text with a particular color from the tool.

How to add text in an image in Mac

Step 4

If you want to just save the image with the added text, then just Press Command+S. Before making changes you can make a duplicate file of that image and then make the necessary changes. So Yes after adding the text you can save that image.

If you follow the above steps its simple and easy to add text in an image without using any other third party software. Use the in built software of Preview from Mac and enjoy adding texts to your images to add that spice into them.

We hope that you liked this tutorial. If you have any doubts related to this topic, you can ask in the comments below. We will be happy and glad to help. Stay tuned for more updates and more tutorials only on Technary.

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